Guidelines for Good Packaging, A List of Tips

Guidelines for Good Packaging, A List of Tips

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Guidelines for Good Packaging
We at "" help the creators by providing 'Guidelines for Good Packaging' for shipments. This is to ensure that the customized product arrives on time and safely within the stipulated time period. These packaging procedures and guidelines provided by "" is to make the packing procedure easy and convenient for the creators.
• Use a stiff box with intact flaps
• Remove any kind of labels and markings from the box
• Wrap all customized items separately, if there are more than one
• Use sufficient cushioning material
• Use the '' tape designed especially for shipping
• Do not over-wrap any packed product with string or paper
• Always use a address label that is clear and has complete delivery and return information
Step By Step Tips for Good Packaging
At any time possible, use a new box. If you reuse a box, make sure that it is firm and in excellent shape with no tears, punctures, or damage. All flaps of the box should be intact. Choose a box that is appropriate for the products and contents that you are shipping to the buyer.
Internal Protection is an important aspect of packing. It is imperative to cushion the product in the package properly. Always wrap each product separately. Fragile and hi-end products needs to be protected from the sides, corners, top and bottom of the box.
There should atleast be two inches of cushioning and the products should be placed two inches away from the walls of the box. This prevents any kind of damage and also shield the product from outside damage.
Always use proper cushioning material in addition to the strong outer container, to protect the shipment completely. Make sure that you use a lot of cushioning material to guarantee that the products do not budge when you shake the container.
Avoid improper cushioning material and use materials like Air-encapsulated plastic (small and large cell bubble sheeting) and Inflatable packaging (air bags) or foam enclosures.
Air-encapsulated plastic sheeting is designed to cushion and protect lightweight items. They can be used in multiple layers to ensure that the product is completely protected, especially on angles and edges. They are also used for light weight products. However, they are not recommended for products with sharp edges and corners.

Foam enclosures should be ordered and made especially for specific products. Foam enclosures provides and forms a protective mould around the products. There should be even foam distribution around the entire product.

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It is also important to select the most appropriate foam to meet the requirements of the product.
Corrugated liners may be added to the product package to increase strength and improve the packaging.
Fragile objects such as glass, electronics, artwork and ceramics requires special kind of packaging for safe shipping. These products might need added cushioning and protection. The aim is to ship the product in a safe manner.
Close the container properly and strongly. Closing the container properly is as essential as cushioning for the safety and proper delivery of the shipment. While closing the box, always use the 'icustommadeit' strong tape. These tape have been especially manufactured for shipments and will help to pack the container properly. Avoid using cellophane or duct tape; string; or paper over-wrap.
Use proper labelling for fast and efficient delivery. While labelling the product, keep in mind the following points:
• Use the buyer's postal code with the complete street address.
• Always place the shipping label on the top of the package.
• To avoid any kind of confusion, place only one address label on the package.
• Always include your complete return address, including full address and postal code.

How To Measure Your Package Size
To measure ground packages always use the following formula:
Length + 2x Width + 2x Height
• To Determine Length
Evaluate the longest side of the package, rounding to the nearest inch. This is the length.
• To Determine Girth (2x Width + 2x Height)
Measure the width of the package, rounding to the nearest inch. Multiply this number by 2. Measure the height of the package, rounding to the nearest inch. Multiply this number by 2. Add these two numbers together. This is your girth.

• Add the length and the girth. This is your package measurement.
• Weigh the package to obtain its actual weight.

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