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Guided Teaching Inquiry Essay

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Guided Teaching Inquiry

“I think I notice things more. I notice how much children don’t listen to instructions. (…) it’s made me far more aware of their learning … but … you can’t tell if it’s affected your teaching really. I don’t think it has but it certainly affected the way I see their learning”. (Baumfield & Oberski, 1998, p. 49 cited Baumfield, 2006, p. 1)).
In light of Baumfield’s statement it is clear that the way I teach affects the way students learn. For example, the learning intention was not clearly explained, or the process was not effective and the success criteria were not met. The process may not have provided opportunities for the students to be involved. Finally, there may have not been enough interaction between myself and the students and this reflected in their written work.

Reasons for a new approach
The new approach that I believe would involve the students more is to carry out a guided teaching inquiry for them to learn through narrative writing. Guided teaching will provide opportunities for the students to gradually develop the key competencies outlined in language learning. The key concepts in learning languages are: Communication, Identity, Literacy ( )
I will follow Bloom’s “writing learning objectives and his six cognitive skills to suit my inquiry

Benefits of a guided inquiry:
• Students (in this case Samoan language classes of diverse language abilities) learn better by social interaction
• Young people have different ways of learning
• Learning takes place by being engaged / reflecting on experiences
• Students learn better by building on prior knowledge.

... middle of paper ... why they sometimes “do not listen to instructions”; and thereby improve her own pedagogies.


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