The Guide Dog Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner

The Guide Dog Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner

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The Guide Dog Mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Benny - He is one of the Alden children. He is six years old..
Jessie - She is one of the Alden children. She is twelve years old.
Henry - He is one of the Alden children. He is 14 years old.
Violet –She is one of the Alden children. She is ten years old.
Grandfather Alden – He is the grandfather of the Alden children. They live with him.
Jason Peters – He is a trainer at the Greenfield Guide Dog School.
Mrs. Carter – She is the owner of the Greenfield Guide Dog School.
Ginger – She is a Golden Retriever who is a guide dog.
Mrs. Davis – She is a woman who used to own Ginger.
Gerard Dominick – He is a man who wants to buy Ginger.

The setting of the story is the small town of Greenfield and the Greenfield Guide Dog School.

Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny Alden had gone to downtown Greenfield to pick up some things for dinner. Outside the grocery store, they meet a man who was blindfolded being led by a golden retriever. The man was Jason Peters, who worked at Greenfield Guide Dog School owned by Mrs. Carter whom they soon met. Mrs. Carter went to school with their Grandfather Alden. Mrs. Carter talks with Grandfather Alden and asks him if the children can come help out at the guide dog school for a week. Grandfather says yes, and the children pack and are dropped off at the school.
At the school, while Jason was showing the children how he trained a guide dog, a big black car drove up and a woman got out. Ginger ran to the woman. The woman, Mrs. Davis used to own Ginger. Jason and Mrs. Davis talked. Jason was angry that she was there. The woman left.
Anna Chang, a blind girl came to the school to start working with a guide dog. The children quickly befriended Anna. While Jason was talking to Anna, Benny saw a well-dressed man hiding in the woods. Anna received Ginger as he new guide dog. Later, a man came to Mrs. Carter's office when the children were working there and wanted to buy Ginger. The children told him he had to talk to Mrs. Carter.
The children told Mrs. Carter about the man.

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Later that night Benny woke up because the dogs were barking. Violet thought she saw a person looking in the windows of the kennel. The next day they told Jason who said it was probably a rabbit or other animal that scared the dogs and Violet had probably saw a shadow. Mrs. Davis came back in her limousine but suddenly sped off before entering the school grounds. This troubled Jason.
The mysterious man who had tried to buy Ginger returned. His name was Gerard Dominick. He tried to offer the children money for Ginger. The children went to Jason's room to tell Jason. They overheard Jason talking to someone on the phone. Jason was embarrassed when he discovered the children outside his room and that they may have overheard him. The children suspected that Jason was hiding something. That night the children were again awakened by the dogs barking. When they looked out the window and saw someone with a flashlight moving through one of the rooms in the building across from them.
The next day when the children went to the kennel, it was locked. When the children went to Jason's room, Jason said his key was missing. The children offered to help look for the key while Jason went to feed the dogs. While searching Jason's room, Benny found a crumpled note in the wastebasket. The note was from Mrs. Davis asking Jason to meet her at Joe's Restaurant at 11:00. They realized that it was Jason's room they had seen the flashlight in the night before. Benny asked Jason if he went into town at night and he said he did and last night he had gone to meet Charlotte Davis at a restaurant but she never showed up.
That night the children decided to stay up and watch out the window to see if anything strange happened. While Benny was watching, he saw someone trying to break into the kennel. The children all ran and got Jason. When they got to the kennel the door was open. They turned on the light to see someone duck behind a box. Then the person ran out the back door and into the woods. After they made sure all the dogs were safe, they realized that whoever broke in was after Ginger. Jason offered to keep watch at the kennel for the rest of the night and did not want the children to help. The children were still certain that Jason was up to something.
The next day the children and Jason took Anna on her first trip downtown with Ginger. They went to the college where Anna would be going in the fall. The children had also planned a picnic. While showing Anna around the town, Benny noticed someone in a long overcoat, and hat had been following them. Anna bought a new collar for Ginger. While in the grocery store they noticed the person following them again. Henry chased after the person but the person got away. Henry and Anna both noticed the person walked with a limp.
Later, at the college the children, Anna, Ginger and Jason and had their picnic lunch. The children wound up telling Jason and Anna all about all the strange things that had been happening and their detective work. No one noticed the tall person in the raincoat hiding in the bushes. That night Ginger was allowed to sleep in Anna's room, wearing her new collar. Somebody broke into Anna's room and kidnapped Ginger. Anna said it was the same person who had been following them that day because she had noticed the person's limp when they ran. Henry discovered a diamond bracelet hidden in a slit in Ginger's old collar. Jason called Mrs. Carter and told her what had happened. He also called Mrs. Davis.
The next day the children went downtown to buy some flowers for Anna. They saw Mr. Dominick with a golden retriever. But it was not Ginger. When they returned from town, they saw Jason and Charlotte Davis. They all met in Mrs. Carter's office. Jason showed Mrs. Davis the bracelet and she said she could not identify it without her glasses. She had left her glasses in her car and called to her driver to bring them up to her. When the driver, Glen, came into the office, Benny noticed that he was tall and walked with a limp. Anna said it was the same man who had followed them and kidnapped Ginger. Suddenly Ginger ran into the room. Glen then admitted to kidnapping Ginger and stealing the bracelet. He said he had panicked and hid it in the collar when Mrs. Davis almost caught him.
To celebrate solving the mystery, Jason, Anna, Ginger and the children all went downtown for pancakes. When Benny asked Jason what he had been hiding in his bag all day, he showed them a rose. He said it was for Anna and that he had been longing to ask her out.
The story ends with Jason and Anna dating. Anna and Ginger were happy together too. Mrs. Davis got another golden retriever puppy to be trained as a guide dog.

1. Even though people are handicapped, they still have feelings. At first Sara looked at Charlie as someone to protect and defend not as person with feelings.
2. Don't be quick to judge people. Sara thought Joe Melby was a thief but she was wrong and found out that Joe was a nice boy.
3. Don't be afraid to admit you are wrong. Sara finally told Joe Melby she was sorry for thinking he did something that he didn't.
4. Beauty is on the inside not the outside. Even though Sara thought she was ugly and had big feet, she was a really beautiful person to Joe.
5. When things are bad, you find out who your real friends are. When searching for Charlie, Mary left to go get ready for a party and Joe Melby stayed and helped Sara.

I liked the book because it was interesting and it kept me reading it to see if they found Charlie. I also thought that the book was realistic and could really happen. I also liked the book because it showed family love and not violence.
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