The Guidance Counselor 's Office Essay

The Guidance Counselor 's Office Essay

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My trousers were becoming damp from rubbing my sweaty palms on them. I wondered what would happen if I walked out? Would my mother hate me? Would I hate me? Let me rewind a bit and explain why I was sitting in a room with 50 other children for 6 hours. I was in the 5th grade at Lingelbach Elementary. My head was down and I allowed my eyes to gently close as Beethoven 's 5th symphony trickled into my head. This was a daily routine that my teacher and mentor had called resting period. Every day at 1:00 pm after lunch and recess we would enter into a dark classroom with classical music filling the room for 30 minutes. As I began to close my eyes, I was tapped on my shoulder and told to go to the guidance counselor 's office, I pondered why me? I was a straight-A student and president of the student council out of all the people who needed guidance I was not one of them. As I entered the guidance counselor 's office I noticed my mother sitting in the seat beside the counselor. They proceeded to tell me that since I had been labeled mentally gifted there were special opportunities available to me. A program called Stepping Stone invited me to apply for a $100,000 scholarship I would need to complete a series of IQ test to be considered. I looked at my mother and seen nothing but delight in her eyes. We had both known I was intelligent, but this scholarship could alter the rest of my life. I agreed to apply for the scholarship and proceeded to daydream about my future. I fantasized myself graduating college and entering into medical school, becoming the first neuropathologist in my family and making my parents proud. Fast forward to 3 months later it was Sunday night and my mother was ironing my clothes. I sat on her bed as I watched ...

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...mentioned how I never thought I 'd be able to attend college or medical school because of my family 's financial situation. We weren 't poor but we weren 't rich enough for medical school. I remember ending with a quote my mentor often mentioned to me “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong.”. They must have liked my 1 page because 2 months later I was awarded a $20,000 scholarship from the Stepping Stone program. This moment is when I realized you don’t have to use big words or know Latin to be a great writer or to write something of value. You just need to be passionate about what you 're writing about. I was tainted by my previous major writing experience and it made me hide who I really was. When you are trying so hard to fit in , you lose who you are. Had I not gone through this experience I don’t think I would have learned that.

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