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The Guest Of The House Essay

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You 're sitting down on a couch with your boyfriend and its time to eat dinner at his house. His brother is in his room playing video games and the both of you are sitting down watching TV while dinner is being made by your boyfriend 's father. Where 's mom? She 's working a twelve-hour graveyard shift at the hospital. You have offered to help with preparing dinner, but you may not help, you 're the guest of the house. This is the norm of the family to have visitors not move a pinky to help and so is not eating dinner all together as a family.
Now, imagine you are sitting down on a small Japanese style table with cushions instead of chairs on the floor. Mom is in the kitchen cooking dinner and you as the oldest daughter is her right-hand man. Your two sisters are setting the table and bringing the food out. What about the men in the family? Your boyfriend is the guest so he is sitting on the couch with your father and your two brothers in the parlor waiting for dinner to be done; they 're clean-up crew. As soon as the entire family sits down it 's time to pray and eat dinner. This is my family’s norm.
They seem like two different families right? The families in the example before are my boyfriend’s family first and my family after. I think of them as two different cultures because our ways of life, ways of thinking, behaving and working are very different. But why are we so different? My boyfriend always thought we were different because my immediate family was born in the mainland and were raised in different circumstances. But why would that be the case? My parents were born and raised on Maui, so why are they also so different from how his parent’s ways of does things. Everyone but my siblings and I were born and raised on Ma...

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...y’re not, it’s not as easy. I asked him about some of the unspoken rules and he told me that since his father was okay with it when he has young and he was okay with it when his children did it. My father is the oldest of his siblings and like my boyfriend’s father everyone in the family goes to him. When I went home for my grandfather’s funeral, I asked him the same questions I asked my boyfriend’s father. His response was almost the same. He raised his family the same way he was raised. So was that it?
Was the answer to my question? We are different because we are raised another way. It’s not enough for me, but for now it makes sense. The two family’s differences weren’t race, ethnicity or religion, when it came down to it, it was something as simple as we are raised in a different way. So, what we are raised to be okay is okay because that’s how we are raised.

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