The Guerrilla Graffiti Of Princess Hijab Essay

The Guerrilla Graffiti Of Princess Hijab Essay

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According to The Global Religious Landscape’s research in 2010, about 84% of the world’s population is religious; for example, 31.2% of the population believe in Christianity, 23.2% of the population believe in Islam and 15% of the population believe in Hindi ("The Global Religious Landscape"). Religion is a powerful weapon that makes people have faith to do what they believe is right. However, since everyone may share a different religion, they undoubtedly communicate different ideas about their beliefs. This concept can be seen in both Veiled Thread: The Guerrilla Graffiti of Princess Hijab, by Arwa Aburawa and Faith and Diplomacy, by Madeleine Albright. The discussion about integrity is never-ending due to people’s different definitions of the word. From different perceivers, integrity could either be an asset or dangerous in both forms; but most importantly, it depends on how people see it.
From the article Veiled Thread: The Guerrilla Graffiti of Princess Hijab, Princess Hijab is an artist who believes that “visual terrorism” of advertising takes over people’s thinking and makes people believe that they can maintain something of which they are not capable. For example, some people are unable to afford cars, but will make such an investment because they want to look successful, such as the person in the advertisement. Some people may give up their basic life supplements and use money to buy a fancy car. For example, “Princess Hijab asserts, her dressing up on billboards is a symbolic act of resistance meant to reassert a “physical and mental integrity” against what she called the “visual terrorism” of advertising” (Aburawa, 2010, p.30). She tries to protect women and express her beliefs through her artwork to make people reass...

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...Davis about not doing her job and being irresponsible, because from other people’s point of view, the role of a county clerk is to satisfy people’s needs. However, the government cannot dismiss Kim Davis because she also follows integrity. Every issue that relates to religion becomes hard, because of integrity, and because people see problems in different ways. There is no right or wrong for religious beliefs; people can find their own integrities through their faith.
Integrity can be simply understood as being honest and having strong moral principles; however, people have different standards about integrity, which causes integrity to become either safe or dangerous. Most people find their integrity and faith from religion; there is no right to what people believe in. The most important thing is for those to hold their faith and find out solutions to their problems.

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