Guayas' Beaches: Havens of Resplendent Beauty in this World

Guayas' Beaches: Havens of Resplendent Beauty in this World

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Driving on the highway surrounded by the beautiful landscape, I was listening to John Mayer on the radio. As time went by, the weather started to change dramatically. Coming form a humid, hot and loud city, I was beginning to enter a different place. After one hour and a half of the trip, I finally started to feel the calming sun beams and the particular smell of fresh, salty water and sand.
Just a few people visited, at summer, this unique spot of Guayas ´s beaches. This is a place with comfortable and colorful houses next to the ocean. Made up of wood, straw and reed these boarding houses have a good spatial division: four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge living room (and next to it a little kitchen), swimming pool, and a porch with hammock to enjoy the view.
After I unpacked my suitcase, which basically was full of bikinis, shorts and suntan lotion, I ran to the beach. The white hot sand gently burned my feet. The sun?s rays hit me intensely. I could feel my pale, cold skin getting warm. Curiously, I felt how the rays went through my skin and passed through me like I was invisible.
The beach was almost empty. Therefore there were no sounds, but the waves crushing in the land, the wind through the sand and the pelicans flying from one side to another, this was my music on this sunny February day.
The ocean was another perfect element of that beautiful landscape. The colour of the water was incredible, between dark blue and green. I could see little fish of many colors swimming in the transparent, 25 ºC sea. I started swimming to refresh from the hours of sun I had received. The taste of the water was salty. The waves of approximately two meters hit my body and dragged me into the shore. I swam for about one hour, until my hands and body started to wrinkle. The strong tides made it difficult to get out of the water.
Minutes later I was again inside the house getting ready to go out at night. I was going to another part of that beach, just 15 minutes away. This place was called by many ?The Paradise?. Why? I didn?t know, but that night I was going to find out. A town full of surfers, tourists and natives was what I found. Between two mountains this side of the beach was a relaxing place where all people were generous and friendly.

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They all seemed to be on some kind of drug. Maybe they were, but I never knew it for sure. Besides the people and the beauty, in this same spot I ate the best pizzas I have ever eaten in my life. The soft flour mass, full of melted yellow cheese and vegetables, dissolved slowly in my mouth. In general the food was the best thing of this little town. I wanted to believe that ?The Paradise? was the nickname because of the excellent food and people.
I stayed two long months at the boarding houses, each day I visited the different beaches around the province of Guayas. I learned to be proud of my own country. I know now that our nation has beautiful beaches that can be compared with any other in the entire world because of their uniqueness. People, weather, landscape, houses, perfect sun beams, fresh air, silence, sea, food and other many circumstances make of San Jose a special spot to visit in our country. Just a few people have the luck of going there, but all of us should take the opportunity to visit it in any moment of our life.
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