Gryphons are Beasts of Majesty in Greek Mythology Essay

Gryphons are Beasts of Majesty in Greek Mythology Essay

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Gryphons are beasts of majesty and regality. They are seen multiple times throughout history in greek mythology and as symbols in medieval periods. They are often used to represent strength, royalty, and courage as a way of reflecting the Gryphon’s traits onto those who bare it as a symbol. The focus of this article will be mainly on its greek interactions but will also touch base on its interaction with the Medieval ages.
Gryphons are creatures that originate from greek mythology. They are described as an animal that is part lion and part eagle while being described by many sources as being the size of a wolf. Its head is that of an eagle while its body is that of a lion. Its feet bare eagle talons and on its back lay majestic wings (Spaid). Some describe it as the king of creatures because of its ability to rule both land and air with its incomparable strength. The strength it bares is said to be beyond that of a normal lion’s.
In addition to its amazing strength it is also said to be very wise(“Griffin”). They have a strong affinity for gold and tend to line their nests with it(Spaid). This led to many conflicts with other creatures that also have a liking for gold.
Some legends say that the Gryphon is related to the Sphinx and enjoys making travelers solve riddles like the Sphinx does. If the Traveler solves the riddle they are allowed to live and possibly welcome to some of the Gryphons gold. If a traveler were to be unable to solve the riddle he might be killed(“Griffin”). Many medieval factions used it as their banner symbol or marker since it represents wisdom and unbridled power.
Gryphons are largely associated with the Sun and the Greek god Apollo, ruler of the sun and light. It is said that they pull Apollo, Zeus a...

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...hion cups out of Gryphon claws or to put one of their claws in their drink so that they would know if it was poisoned or not. Gryphons feathers were said to be able to restore sight to those that were blind(Spaid).

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