Essay on The Growth Of Private Property, Capitalism, Divided Class Systems

Essay on The Growth Of Private Property, Capitalism, Divided Class Systems

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The world used to operate in a way where people relied on each other to have success. There were no large conflicts between groups, and no central leadership within groups. But, this is no longer the case. According to the article, “The Evolution of Inequality,” the theories that arose in the late-19th century to explain the movement towards inequality included the growth of private property, capitalism, divided class systems, and a focus on survival for each individual or family. By the mid-20th century however, many anthropologists started to develop their own reasonings. These theories included the ideas that population growth created a demand for more food, which created the need for better agriculture and more specialized roles. But, before long there was a decrease in the amount of resources that were available and people faced a conflict and competition to acquire the needed resources. Thus, the lower class became further distinguished from the people who had more power, because the upper class were able to be successful, have easier access to resources, and have more to show for it. This theory favors inequalities in society and saw it as beneficial. On the other hand, the theory that was created by Marcus Feldman and author Deborah Rogers, found that inequalities put societies at a disadvantage. The disadvantage of inequalities included the fact that it would highly increase the chance of a group going into extinction because of the unfair distribution and access to resources. According to their theory, inequality would cause migration, decrease the chances for survival, and cause conflicts between groups. Without the support of an entire society, those who are at a disadvantage will fall further, and those who exhibit th...

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...aspect to life and is subject to change by the many influences of globalization and Western culture. As the world becomes more alike and influenced by the large global powers, the practices and beliefs that are unique become more similar. With the spread and easy of access to certain knowledge, beliefs can easily become uniform, regardless of the fact that not one belief can be established as superior to the other. The idea if the capitalist world system accounts for this phenomenon as people and nations strive to acquire the most wealth, materials, and profit. The goal each nation has in mind, is to be better than those below them and to become a powerful world power, placed in the core of the stratified world system. But, as the nations of the world compete to become the best, in a world full of inequality, they are losing what made them unique in the first place.

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