The Growth Of One Woman Essay

The Growth Of One Woman Essay

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The growth of one woman interferes with one man’s idea of being able to conquer Woman. The two main characters of the book Ladies’ Paradise named Denise and Mouret have a unique sense of love, if it really even is “love.” She is very shy and unattainable while he is charismatic and lives a greatly successful life. Her unordinary attitude creeps into Mouret’s mind, causing him to desire her at an extreme amount. Mouret is not able to conquer Denise in the same way that he does women in his department store which defeats his conquest of Woman. The idea of feminism is prominent throughout the novel since Denise is such an independent character and does not give into Mouret’s power immediately. She briefly gives Mouret a new set of eyes, allowing him to see that Denise is not like the other women that he’s met and as readers, we hope he will also realize that the idea of “conquering Woman” should not exist. Mouret is aware of her independence and persists on winning her over with his money and success.
Mouret runs his store in a way to lure women in with the art of seduction. He showcases his products with the usage of female stereotypes. “But the last window, above all, held their attention. A display of silks, satins and velvets, of deepest black, and as white as curds and whey... “(p. 5) At the Ladies’ Paradise, more expensive types of fabrics are sold to create items of higher quality which women are generally attracted to. Commodification is the major idea of this department store. The customers treat it in terms of its exchange value, use value, and sign value. The environment is also a huge factor of what lures the women into the store. He is capable of triggering something in the women’s minds to get them to want something th...

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...” to stay alive. However, this may not be as bad as readers are making it out to be because Mouret does not have bad intentions. He thrives off the feeling he gets from exploiting women; he does not intentionally hurt women. This is proven in the novel because he is able to feel deep feelings for a woman and he does show sensitivity—he literally begs and pleads for love. On the back of the novel, a comment was written, “Mouret 's sole passion was the conquest of Woman. He wanted her to be queen in his shop; he had built this temple for her in order to hold her at his mercy.” The fact that he wants every woman that walks into the store to feel like a “queen” makes him not seem like such a terrible character anymore—perhaps he even thrives off the women’s happiness. The “conquest of Woman” should not exist, but happiness among women should, and that is what they get.

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