Essay on Growth Of New Retail Formats

Essay on Growth Of New Retail Formats

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DISHA AGARWAL Under the Supervision of
A3104614183 Dr. VINOD KUMAR
B.COM (H) 2014-17

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of



Title of

I declare
(a)That the work presented for assessment in this NTCC Report is my own, that it has not previously been presented for another assessment and that my debts (for words, data, arguments and ideas) have been appropriately acknowledged
(b)That the work conforms to the guidelines for presentation and style set out in the relevant documentation.


I Dr. VINOD KUMAR hereby certify that DISHA AGARWAL student ofB.COM HONOURS – AT AMITY COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND FINANCE , Amity University Uttar Pradesh has completed the NTCC Report on “Growth of new retail formats in Indian market ”, under my guidance.


In this research paper it has been seen the challenges and opportunities faced by organized retailing in India. Since India is a vast middle class market to serve by untapped retail industry who are ready to enter the market. It’s expected by the Indian retail market to grow by 25% annually. In future it’s expected that retail industry will grow due to f...

... middle of paper ... required at the initial stage to enter this industry and also to complete with other industries many new players have not seen success in this industry. In order to review the emergence of modern retail formats in India. To understand this its important to study consumers preference of shopping goods and convince goods. Its also seen that consumers prefer modern retail formats due to variety of brands, entertainment, quality etc. all at one place. Its also seen that higher income and younger generation visits modern retail formats.
1) Organized retailing in India - challenges and opportunities
By- Dr. Shahid Akhter

2) Emerging retail formats and its attributes: An insight to convenient shopping
By- Deepika jhamb, Dr(Ms) Ravi kiran

3) Consumer perceptions towards different retail formats in India
By- Monika gupta, Dr.Amit Mittal

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