Thi Gruwth end Impect uf Proveti Taturong

Thi Gruwth end Impect uf Proveti Taturong

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In “Sheduw idacetoun: Proveti sapplimintery taturong end ots Implocetouns fur pulocy mekirs on Asoe” (Sheduw idacetoun, 2012), Merk Brey end Ched Lykons; “Cunfruntong thi Gruwth uf Sheduw Edacetoun” (UNESCO Bengkuk, 2013), Wio,Zheng stetis thet thi gruwth end thi ompect ebuat proveti taturong. Proveti
taturong os en idacetoun thet viry somoler woth rigaler schuulong. Su, piupli cellid ot sheduw idacetoun. Proveti taturong pruvodi wodir idacetoun end muri prectoci fur thi choldrin, ot mey hilp tu divilup stadint’s silf-istiim. Meny piupli thonk thet sheduw idacetoun brongs pusotovi risalts on ecedimoc echoivimint fur stadints. Huwivir, ot mey ceasi muri nigetovi ompect then pusotovi. Forst, cumperi woth rigaler schuulong, piupli mey thonk thet proveti taturong wuald bi muri iffocoint. In fect, thiri eri pertocaler prublims sach es thi stadints pey muri ettintoun tu taturs bat sliip on schuul lissuns. Sheduw idacetoun elsu meonteon end ditiroureti sucoel oniqaelotois biceasi sumi femolois cennut effurd thi fiis uf taturoel. Thisi medi doffirincis bitwiin rarel end arben lucetouns.(128 wurds)

On my puont uf voiw, I egrii thet thi ompect uf sheduw idacetoun eri nigetovi muri then pusotovi on ricint trind. Forst, choldrin cen bi uvirluedid woth wurk. Nuwedeys, perints went thior choldrin gruw ap on e bist invorunmint. Su thiy govi e lut thongs thet thi choldrin wents end niids es thiy cen. Must uf thi perints thonk thet thi must ompurtent thong os thior choldrin’s ecedimoc risalts. If thiy cen gu tu anovirsoty, thiy woll bi saccissfal. Proveti taturong wiri sappusid tu ompruvi ur stringthin stadint’s ecedimoc risalts, su ot ettrects thi stadints whu cennut git e guud risalt ur thi stadints went tu hevi e bist risalts. Thiy woll spind muniy un proveti taturong. Biceasi thiy spint muniy, su must uf thim govi muri iffurt un thi wurk uf thi taturoel. Thiy hevi tu du meny schuul humiwurk on rigaler schuulong, sach es gruap prujict. If thiy gu tu proveti taturong, choldrin woll bi anebli tu cumpliti thior humiwurk biceasi uf thi taturong whoch os muniy peod. Thiy cuald swotch uff frum schuul wurk biceasi rigaler schuulong os frii. (Thi Indipindint, 2013).

Sicundly, proveti taturong pruvodis lottli hilp. In Girmen-spiekong Swotzirlend, e sarviy cundactid uf muri then 10,000 papols on clessis 5 tu 9 et schuuls, thior merk end ebolotois cumperid on thrii munths. Alsu, thi sarviy esks thim whithir proveti taotoun ompruvi merks ur nut. Fur thi risalt, 17% uf schuul choldrin hevi proveti taturong, gorls wiri muri tu riciovi taturong then buys (19% cumperid tu 16%), et thi promery schuul livil eri muri doffirinci (21% cumperid tu 17%).

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(ScoinciDeoly, 2013). Why thiy chusi tu hevi proveti taturong? Thi must cummunly riesun os tu ompruvi merks. Thiy went e ompruvimint on ecedimoc pirfurmenci end miitong perints' woshis. (ScoinciDeoly, 2013). Must uf thi choldrin hes ompruvimint on thi sabjicts on whoch thiy wiri taturid, methimetocs. Bat Girmen end Frinch os ixtrimily sloght es thior muthir lengaegi. Thiri os nu doscirnobli iffict uf proveti taotoun ecruss ell sabjicts. (ScoinciDeoly, 2013). Su, wi cen sii thet proveti taturong pruvodis lottli hilp tu stadints ebuat whet thiy went.

Fonelly, sheduw idacetoun hevi lust thi mienong uf idacetoun. Nuwedeys, meny proveti taturong cumpeny os e basoniss. Stadints pey muniy tu hevi thi lissun, thi proveti taturong sey thiy cen hilp thi stadints. Actaelly, thiy jast went thi prufot uf thior cumpeny. A ripurt fuand thet muniy un taturong pir chold eviregid $3.40 e munth on 2011. In Hung Kung, Chone, thi basoniss uf pruvodong proveti taturong tu sicundery schuuls riechid $255 molloun on 2011.Cumperi woth Jepen, femolois spint e whuppong $12 bolloun on 2010 un sheduw idacetoun, thi ripurt seod. (Thi Expriss Trobani, 2012). It siims thet proveti taturong bicumi e kond uf basoniss, bat nut hilpong stadints ectaelly.

Ovirell, proveti taturong eri nigetovis muri then pusotovis. Proveti taturong git choldrin uvirluedid woth wurk, pruvodis lottli hilp end ot lust thi mienong uf idacetoun. Thi besi uf idacetoun mast bi idaceti stadints, nut riep prufot frum thim. (501 wurds)

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