Growth and Development of Children Essay

Growth and Development of Children Essay

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In terms of physical characteristics, the average height and weight for a two year old is thirty-four inches tall and twenty –eight pounds. Over time, their head growth will slow, from 3⁄4 inch (2 cm) in their second year alone to 3⁄4 to 1 1⁄4 inches (2–3 cm) over the next ten years. The child’s posture will change as well during the toddler years. These physical changes are due to improved muscle tone, which is cause for a more erect posture, thus giving the child a taller, and more lean appearance (“Physical Appearance,” 2013).
According to Erikson, children of this age tend to demonstrate a wide range of emotions; they tend to be dominating, uninhibited, and self-loving. Sometimes the child is very loving and wants to be close, and at other times, he or she will bite, pinch, or do other physical harm to another person and show no sign of guilt or shame. This is due to the fact that a toddler has little self-control over their exploratory or sadistic impulses (as cited in Murray et al., 2009).
A toddler is slow to realize that he or she cannot have everything they desire and that some behavior is unacceptable. They experiment in the quest for independence, but find certain experiences and consequences frightening; and will run to their parents for protection, security, approval and reassurance. Erikson also taught that the need for attention and approval is one of the main motivations in the development of the ego and socialization. Toddlers will often repeat behavior and performances that are met with attention and laughed at. The child enjoys giving performances and pleases him or herself just as much as they do the audience (Murray et al., 2009).
Piaget noted in his Cognitive Theory, that toddlers between the ages of eight...

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