Growing Up Without A Single Parent Home Essay

Growing Up Without A Single Parent Home Essay

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Growing up without a father and being raised by an independent, strong woman had made me thankful for the obstacles and hurdles I overcame to realize my full potential as a young man. Watching my mother work through raising two kids alone for over 17 years has been my primary incentive to work harder, stand taller, and love better than I ever could have on my own
Because my past has been and uphill battle, I have hope for the future. Having the stereotypical Black family composition of an absent father has emphasized that I do not want to be another stereotype. A child should not have to endure a single parent home because one of there parents could not muster enough confidence to settle down get their life together. Once a man decides to start a family his goals should shift to the betterment and protection of his family, but my father had other plans. Being left to learn for myself how it be a man has been and still is my most ardent challenge. A boy looks up to his father to see and example of how to act and not having that has left me lost and terrified for my future. Thankfully, I have been able to surround myself with numerous role models to fill the void left by my father.
Luckily, my mother was to completely alone in raising her children: she had the unwavering support of my aunts and grandmother. My aunt Reda, aunt Angie, and grandmother would not hesitate to help my mother and me. I know that I will never be able to truly compensate them for all the time spent caring for me, money spent making sure I didn 't go without, and love sent my way but I can try to by making them proud to call me their other son. My academic success is the sole product of all they do for me, and I will never allow their faith in me...

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... I quickly had to swallow my butterflies and open my mouth. Mrs. Boone not only taught me that I can determine my out future but she also taught me that it was all right to be myself. To described all that Mrs. Barbosa has done to help me would far exceed my eight hundred word limit. She has not only added to Mrs. Ivey teachings of how to be a successful student but she has served as a role model of what I hope to have in the future. She 's achieved so much while still being humble and helpful towards anyone who needs help. She 's given me countless hours of her patience, time, and help to support me in my future goals. I am a part of all three of their legacies and refuse to let all their help go to waste.
Through my bonds, hardships, and internal strife I have overcome all odd and grown to a position from which I can prosper and achieve anything I set my mind to.

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