Essay about Growing Up Of My Family

Essay about Growing Up Of My Family

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Growing up i’ve always been second. Second child to come out of my mother, My father 's second son, second in society, second to my sister. That meaning, I have got everything she had, she did everything first. Although I was second to grow up, I was first in many things. I was first to eat when we had family (immediate and mother 's side) get - togethers because one of my family 's ways, were kids eat first. I was first to finish eating, first to get boy toys, first to play sports, first person everybody in my family comes to when the have electronic technical difficulties, first to win the achievements I won, and first to exceed six foot. So going back through my life and realizing although I was first to do things second and second to do things first, I was still the third child and being the youngest out of my family and society, I still got everything I wanted.
I was born in Lexington North Carolina, in Lexington memorial hospital. I spent my whole infancy and a little bit of my youth in Lexington. In my immediate family I have a mother and father, that recently got separated, and a sister. As a family we were always really close. We did a lot of family things like we always went out to eat, we took many family vacations, we had game nights, movie nights, and much more. We really liked being together as you can tell. Although we did a lot of family things we had our own separate lives too. My mothers outside of the family life was when she went to work and visited her family. My dad 's was the same plus when he worked out, played basketball and reffed basketball. My sisters and I outside lives were when we went to school, and when we hung out with our friends. My dad was a State Highway Patrolman, that was on his way in hi...

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...n 't a rich family. Most black families are not. I would say our family as a whole is in the middle class but separate, my immediate family we are in the middle of the middle class and the upper middle class. For the rest of my family. I have a aunt and uncle in the the middle of the underclass and working class, the rest of my family is barely in the middle class except my uncle (my mom’s brother). The reason for this is because only my mom and her youngest sister are the only ones who graduated college.
Growing up i have had a second life. Not actually a second life but being second to others. That being said i still have had a great and amazing life and family. I have nothing to complain about because i would not be the person i am today if i did not go through the things i went through and if i did not have the cultural influence that i had growing up as a kid.

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