Essay about Growing Up Learning And Speaking English

Essay about Growing Up Learning And Speaking English

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Growing up learning and speaking English has been something that was difficult for me at first but then came easy, but that was not the case for my mother. She spent her whole life speaking Spanish, so when she decided to take English learning classes it was challenging. However, she had me to help her throughout her struggle. I helped her complete her homework and assignments. We would also go to the library to check out easy level reading books to have her read to me. I would correct her English when it was wrong and do all I could to boost her confidence. It took me a while to understand and figure out what the best way to teach her was, but it was a fun experience for the both of us. Teaching her English was difficult because things that came easy to me were not things that she understood as quickly as I would have thought. I also saw myself adapting some of her traits when it came to reading, writing, and speaking. Helping my mother learn English has shaped my literacy by allowing me better understand the language barrier between us and has changed the way I communicate with others. This was because I had to change the way I spoke and explained things to her, which was different than how I would help someone who already knew the language. My mother was a bigger influence on me than I had thought.
My mother was busy during the day and at night she would come home from her adult classes and complete her homework and assigned readings. She did not know much English so I knew she needed to start off on an easy reading level. Having someone with a different first language learn to read English was challenging. I had to explain why vowels had different sounds and the different pronunciation of words. I realized that English was mu...

... middle of paper ... communicator than I was before. It was an experience that was rewarding because I was able to help someone though a difficult moment. I had a better understanding of the different language barrier between my mother’s Spanish and my English. I had to develop a different type of teaching method for her because my mother did not know English to begin with. I had to teach her as if she had never heard of the language at all, and having done so has changed my own skill in English. Since the experience with my mother, I had a change in the way I write, read, and speak. I tend to see more traits like my mother because that was what I was used to doing. I do not necessarily believe this is a bad thing because I realized something out of it. I learned that teaching my mother English had a big impact on my life and without her, I would not be the communicator I am today.

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