Growing Up Into A Bilingual Family Essay

Growing Up Into A Bilingual Family Essay

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Growing up into a bilingual family I could say I do not regret it matter fact I love it. even if I was born and raised in Houston, Texas most people believe that United States should have English as their official language because if could save them lots of money from printing different documents in certain types of languages, and the government wouldn’t have to spend double the money on translators. Although I could agree with this but only because we could save lots of money. Heck do I care, how I know the government is going to help even more even if they save money. Which is why I am totally disagreeing. Growing up speaking two languages has brought me so many benefits and here is how.

One of these benefits is that weather I am shopping, or eating or visiting my mother and father in law. I get asked to help for directions, or meanings and questions which is what I love. I love helping people out it makes me feel good about myself for speaking two languages. Whenever my mother in law or father in law get mail in English I don’t hesitate to read and explain to them what the mail is regarding to, or whenever they need to call their mortgage company to pay their house I am always glad to help by calling for them and paying their mortgages off. Even at work I get to speak with the parents in Spanish which most of them makes them feel comfortable knowing that they have a teacher who speaks both languages to their child, and yes, I do translate at work as well. Maybe it’s just me but I love to help as much as I can.
Second benefit of speaking two languages I could say is switching back and forth from Spanish and English known as Spanglish. For example, when I am speaking to one of my family members some don’t speak good English b...

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... the lesson was that day and when the parents come in to pick them up we ask the child to repeat the lesson in Spanish and their parents get super excited at the fact that we get the opportunity to teach their child Spanish.
Another way that I use bilingual at work is when I am speaking with my coworkers two of them who speak the same language as I do we start talking in Spanish about our personal life that way others don’t understand us especially the bosses when we have an opinion on something or someone and we don’t want no one to hear us we switch over to Spanish and no one can hear about what we have to say. Not only do my coworkers and I speak secretly in our language but both my bosses do as well, they are both either from India or Pakistan not sure but they both speak their language when they speak with their daughter who is also in that Montessori school.

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