Growing the Local Art Community Essay

Growing the Local Art Community Essay

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When I first signed up for this class, I had no idea what to expect, but I do admit that I was pleasantly surprised at the results that were achieved. The first week, our professor gave us an assignment that dealt with pictures and our perspectives on them. Well, I really had no idea what he meant or what he expected. After struggling to come up with a sane and descriptive response, I said “this isn’t what I thought this class was about”. To my surprise and delight, I passed my first assignment. At that point I decided maybe “I’m on to something here”. Well week after week the Perception keys were assigned, Discussion Forums occurred and Application assignments were completed. Nevertheless through it all, it became a learning experience; a chance to think “outside of the box”, to become an Art critic and really take a look at art. I will be the first to admit that I was amazed at the information that I learned. But the most energizing part of this class was my chance to visit all four corners of the world and even meet (figuratively speaking) many great artists. I’ve been to Paris to visit Monet, I was introduced to the Spanish Civil War, visited Great Salt Lake Utah and New York City, and amazingly I went back and visited slaves. Another thing I realized was that I was a “diamond in the rough” (so to speak) when it came to art; but by the end of my class, I had developed into a “beautiful gem”.
There were so many disciplines of the arts to choose from until it was mind-boggling. But given my background and personality, hands down it was music; and to be specific the genre (Jazz). During my earlier years, I found I have always enjoyed varieties of music but somehow over the years my choices of music have dwindled. I’m not s...

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... are important, they are cared about and that “the arts” are a very important part of not only the community but them as a person. You have to live in a world where you can expand and grow, have a good learning experience, and go out and share your experiences with others.
Unfortunately, Orlando is not a great place for arts as compared to New York (where there is always somewhere to go and something to do), but we do try. I made this statement because more than likely we don’t have access to “enlightening entertainment” as some large cities do. The good news is that the city is building a brand new Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Orlando; which will have its “ground breaking” sometimes this year. Having said that, I feel that would be a great move for everyone involved. In conclusion, art can only grow if the community gets involved.

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