Growing Seeds For Understanding By Ruth A. Wilson Essay

Growing Seeds For Understanding By Ruth A. Wilson Essay

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The article “Growing Seeds for Understanding” by Ruth A. Wilson describes how to take a small aspect of nature and create several different learning experiences. For example, schools in both New Mexico and Australia created gardens that are not only for the students who attend the school, but also for all members of the community. While the main purpose of these gardens is learning how to grow plants, it also serves as an engaging community for people of all ages and backgrounds to interact with one another. Teachers, in New Mexico, have discovered several unique ways to use the garden as part of their lesson plans. In Australia, a very culturally diverse school is using a garden and a buddy system to understand the different cultures in the community. The buddy system is designed to have the adults, who are new to the area, tell stories and teach the children about gardening, while the students help the adults with learning English and sharing information about the environment and the community (Wilson).
I also found another article called, “Exchange of Pumpkins” by Liz N. Clift which discusses how pumpkins are able to bring different cultures together. In the article, a woman from Botswana comes to an afterschool program to help the students create a garden. The woman shared a story with the children about her experience growing up with a garden in Botswana. She told the students that she used to grow pumpkins, and that she would bring back some seeds from Botswana so they could grow pumpkins in their garden too (Clift).
Before these articles, I had never heard of having a garden bringing together a community. I found it very interesting how the garden was able to teach people about the different cultures in the area. I...

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...ere Jeremy teaches, he gives away books to children who show an interest in reading. Jeremy has also seen an art teacher give away art supplies and a guidance counselor offer breakfast to students who are hungry in the morning (Knoll). These simple, inexpensive gifts are sometimes all a child needs to feel happy.
This article was one of the most inspiring ones that I read. I thought it was a great idea how Jeremy and some of the other school faculty he knows would give different items to students based on their interests and needs. In my future classroom, I hope to do the same thing. I want to have math or science books that students can take home and keep if they are interested in something that they learned. I also want to have free after school sessions with students to give them more practice and one-on-one attention in areas that they are struggling.

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