Growing Intimacy Through Self Disclosure And Sexuality Essay

Growing Intimacy Through Self Disclosure And Sexuality Essay

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Growing Intimacy through Self-Disclosure and Sexuality

Intimacy in itself can be tricky to define. It encompasses a handful of emotions that we share with our family both psychically and emotionally. Many relationships that we have in our lives require moderate levels of dedication and self -disclosure but family relationships are different in that it requires an extra step of communicating each other’s feelings, needs, and goals. It is important to for parents to understand that in order for intimacy to grow between them and their children, self-disclosure is necessary.
In order for intimacy to form within parent-child relationships, self-closure is incredibly important. It is the building block that allows parents and children to express and maintain intimacy in their relationship (Galvin, 2015). Self-disclosing personal information is not always easy because sharing personal secrets usually carries a certain degree of risk. For this reason, Parents and children both are in a constant battle with deciding what personal information they feel they should disclose to one another. It is natural for people to be hesitant about sharing personal information themselves on the basis that their self-disclosure may be rejected. In order for intimacy to grow in a relationship, the recipient of the self-disclosed information must respond in an understanding way that validates the disclosure. This communication creates understanding as well as setting up personal boundaries about when and what to communicate.
Parent-Child Communication about Sexuality
Communication between parents and adolescents about sex is starting to become more common. In past generations, parents were more hesitant to talk to their chil...

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...who see their parents successfully resolve conflicts and share affection might be expected to feel secure about the future of their family and own relationships” (Cox & Harter, 2002 p, 172). Constructive conflict includes taking the necessary steps to manage conflict. This is done by communicating and listening to one another in order to better understand each other. Parents must be willing to embrace each other’s needs as well as their children’s needs and make sacrifices from their individual lives in order to resolve conflicts within the family.
It is very important for families to learn to understand the numbers of ways that conflict can present itself so that that when families do run into it, which they will, they will know how manage it. How you manage conflict can either be a complete utter disaster for some families or it can be great for others.

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