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Growing Equality Between Men And Women Essays

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Growing Equality between Men and Women
It is proven that gender equality is very vital and fundamental since it is considered an effective way of addressing democracy and also promoting lasting economic growth. It is one of the founding principles of European Unions and even its future building block. This has therefore led to various causes in respect to equality between men and women since women are seen to be achieving more in education and also actively participating in the labor force than ever before. One of the causes of growing gender equality between men and women is that men and women are still seen to remain as an elusive goal. This has therefore changed the mindset of the society over a significant period to view them as equal parties. Notice though the area of address of the previous statement, a sizable minority of adults do believe the society still favors men over women. Even as that argument keeps its energy, the second cause of growing equality between men and women, is the one which addresses the stronger sense between the public, the stronger sense suggests, that both concerned parties do not operate on equal grounds, with respect to the workplace or areas of employment (Grown and Caren 12).
This has made a majority of the American citizens to address their concern to the concerned parties in the government with an aim of achieving gender equality. It is estimated that about 55% of the American citizens believes that the government is paying men more salary than women yet the job nature is the same. Others also support the subject argument by saying that, there is a gender gap in hiring and even offering of promotions when it comes to top jobs. The citizens have therefore taken a bold step to ensure that the g...

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... at equilibrium. In that way, the change that the society will have made will be appreciated and considered as bold. (Mauk, John and John 29).
In conclusion, the equality between men and women is mainly found in terms of the human rights and especially those of women. Research has also been supported by the already discussed paragraphs, that gender equality mainly shows its interest in addressing issues of men and women having an enjoyment of the same rights, resources, opportunities and even same protection. It has also been shown that the promotion of gender equality will, at a greater extent, lead to various forms of developments or growths within the society and even the nation at large. These kinds of events may be in terms of economic development or even those that are of great importance to the citizens of a country although not grouped under economic.

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