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The Grove School Of Engineering Essay

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Grove Resources:

The Grove School of Engineering is undoubtedly one of the best engineering facility in the east coast. Being the flagship campus of The City College of New York, the school offer a big variety of wherewithal than most other campuses in NYC. At the Grove School of engineering the students gets the opportunity to work with the world class mentors on cutting edge research. The school support the student through the professional growth with free tutoring and plenty of career oriented workshops. Moreover, the school offers various student clubs that opportune the students to compete in the national and regional competitions. In addition to that there are study abroad opportunities such as Engineers without borders.

The Office of Student Development (OSD) is responsible of helping the students to navigate the campus and the curriculum. Adding to that, the OSD facilitates the successful transition into college and shapes a stronger career path. The dedicated administration and staff are relentlessly working to enhance the academic experience. The office provides short-term personal counseling and on-going academic counseling. The Grove School also offer free tutoring. In addition to our academic services, assistance with your professional development is provided through mentoring, corporate information sessions and information about co-op and internship opportunities.

One of the vital resource of the school, the free tutoring, is available at the engineering center. The engineering center is in Steinman Hall 2M-14. It is run by the Grove School 's Office of Student Development in Steinman Hall 2M-7. Upper-level engineering peers, including graduate students take the role of the tutors.
Here is the schedule of tut...

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... Information Sessions, Professional Development Conferences and Career Fairs and Engineering Students Career Education Program (ESCEP).

The Grove School of Engineering offers valuable resources that can be a huge asset to students joining the school. It also paves the way for their career development by offering various clubs and organizations. It enables the students to learn more besides the textbook knowledge. Furthermore it connects them with highly qualified professionals and fellow engineering students. They gets to meet with the upperclassmen peers and other students in the curriculum. Thus forming a strong community of engineers. The tutoring and workshops helps the students with their academic and career development making them ready for challenges of professional engineering. Therefore, the Grove School of Engineering plays a vital role for the engineers.

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