Group Speech Given November 14, 2013 Essay example

Group Speech Given November 14, 2013 Essay example

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Following the Group speech that was given on November 15, 2013, I have been asked to write this reflection paper to address the nature of the speech and how I can improve.
Upon reading the peer review sheets we received from the class following our speech I believe that we all improved since our last speech. Everyone seems to state the most important area for improvement was using filler words too much. I think we as a group seemed to have improved as far as talking towards the audience and using less filler words. The most effective part of this speech would seem to be our elaboration and passion for the subject. Overall this seems to make sense to me. I knew these would be our problem areas and strong points going into this speech.
First we will start with the overall voice and projection. I think that this area was far more improved from each of our last speeches and only continues to get better. In regards to tone, I believe we had a clear and respectful tone. I don’t think we were too aggressive when speaking on the subject.
Next we will discuss our level of movement and gestures. I believe that our gestures were again perfect. I don’t think we were too distracting at any point. When it came to movement I think there could have been a better use of space.
Filler words seemed to be the biggest problem present in this speech again. The words “umm” and “uhhh” were used way to many times. Instead of being silent to gather my thoughts I used these words while I was thinking what to say next.
Our transitioning was definitely one of our strongpoints. We worked really well setting each other up to speak and building on our group members’ points. The presentation flowed very well overall. We were very effective in gaining and mainta...

... middle of paper ...

...ogether to finish this project. No one member failed to work with the group and everyone pulled their weight during the course of this project.
Our group thoughts on this speech seem to be consistent with each other’s opinion. Overall we believe we did very well on this project given the hectic schedules we all had. We managed to find time to work on the speech and it came out very well. We definitely enjoyed the room for creativity in this speech. It allowed for more room to think “outside the box” than the rest of the speeches did. Even though the group speech is a lot more stressful than the other speeches because of the group aspect, we did have much more fun with this speech. Some of the things we disliked though were the amount of time we had to speak for. Obviously this is not that big of an issue but, other than this we have no real dislikes of the speech.

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