Group Decision Making : An Organization Essay

Group Decision Making : An Organization Essay

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When an organization is looking for new creative ideas, they should ask their employees. The employees of the organization have an in depth look and are more understanding to the needs of the organization because it is where they work and are involved. Managers can call on a group of employees and together, they can come up with solutions for the organization. “Group decision making is a type of participatory process in which multiple individuals acting collectively, analyze problems or situations, consider and evaluate alternative courses of action, and select from among the alternatives a solution or solutions” (Group Decision Making, n.d.,para.1).
Group decision making has many benefits for the individuals involved and the organization itself. In order for group decision making to be efficient, it is important for a creative environment to exist. “Creativity is the mental and social process used to generate ideas, concepts and associations that lead to the exploration of new ideas (May, 2011, para.3). This allows each employee to explore ideas and feel comfortable to share them without fear of rejection.
In Yukl’s case, Mainline Food Service, Ralph made multiple mistakes when he presented the problem to the group. There are many ways to present a problem and exactly how it is presented will affect the solutions and how the problem is resolved. In Skills for Managers and Leaders, Yukl explains that “A presentation that implies a favored solution by the leader tends to discourage consideration of other solutions and may engender resentment by group members” (Yukl, 1990, pg.319). The way that Ralph presented the problem was wrong, as he narrowed down the solution to the problem to a specific topic instead of leaving it open for d...

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...s best. He needs to create a positive environment where the subordinates feel that they can express themselves without fear of immediate rejection. Ralph needs to show the subordinates that their creativeness and opinions are important and valuable in discovering a solution for the organizations problem. By encouraging the subordinates to openly throw concepts out, they will be able to discuss and build on each other’s ideas which could lead to the appropriate strategy being discovered.
Overall, Ralph needs to step back and not be too focused on just his solution. After all, the whole reason he brought everyone together was to utilize the benefits of group decision making. It will be essential for the success of the organization for Ralph to approach the subordinates in more conducive manner that fosters creativity and acceptance when dealing with group decisions.

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