Essay on The Grounds and the Grave Mistake

Essay on The Grounds and the Grave Mistake

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The Grounds and the Grave Mistake
The fall weather was perfect for this. It was moist and foggy. The suns rigid rays cut across the sky and its tungsten glow illuminated the grit that separated our boards’ wheels and the cold damp ground. Kick, push, kick, push went my feet with each pace increasing my speed. Cool, crisp air gently brushed against me, caking my shirt to my sweaty chest. I flew across the concrete, hit the bowls side and ollied over the half pipes gap. I had it! I almost had it. Mid-air, the double kick flip not quiet finished, I was coming down, landing perfectly, until I slipped. A split second before I achieved, I glance over to see my board stolen two feet to the left of me, as if it were but a wet bar of soap lost from my grip. Suspended in air, my knees to my chest and feet raised, my face just feet from the ground, I realized my fate. In that second I knew so much. What would happen, what my friends would think, what would come of me and what would come of my board? I was in awe at the idea of feeling such majesty and brutality in an inanimate object as this, Concrete.
That day, there were few other people commuting their addiction, not like us though, no, it was just another fix on another day. On one side of the grounds the light peering through clouds shot down to the thousand eyed monster, clean and brilliant in color, as if giving him sight for the evening, while the patched clouds veiled the sea creatures of the far side, the Kraken and the leviathan, keeping their mysterious aura, and fresh paint preserved. It wasn’t hard to tell what was new on the concrete. The boys and I always steered clear of the new stuff as Rockys’ work was unmatched. The musty air clouding the park was as haze shadowing a s...

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... failure was swift and merciless. I plummeted to the cements cruel embrace.
As I regained my consciousness from a firm, stale, hospital bed I couldn’t believe what had happened. I knew the protruding bones beneath me ankle and mutilated flesh over my shin was agonizingly painful, yet this heavenly concoction hanging beside my face filled my veins with some kind of supernatural elixir making that seemingly enjoyable. Exhumed and exhausted, I wallowed in that rotten bed and in my reflective, inebriated state of mind could only think of one thing. I realized my lust for evil, and acting for reasons other than that of my own desire, would only destroy me.
Never again I thought to myself. Never again would I doubt my true feelings for such superficial endeavors. I understood now that fame, glory, pride and justified arrogance was everything to me. It was senseless.

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