Grimm Brothers: Masters of the Fairy Tale Essay

Grimm Brothers: Masters of the Fairy Tale Essay

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Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are well known authors of the early 1800 that forever changed the way fairy tales are viewed. The Grimm brothers are best known for their creative renditions of popular fairytales such as Rapunzel, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, and many more. Dark and tragic themes were used to create Grimm fairytales, the use of these themes was a drastic change from normal 1800’s fairytales. The Grimm brothers were responsible for creating a new and dark side to children’s stories, their creativity can be seen in their early lives, their writings, and fame.
Since their early lives Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm showed creativity and potential for success. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were born only a year apart in Ganau, Germany in the years 1786 and 1785 (World of Tales). The Grimm brother’s father was a successful lawyer who tragically died in 1796, leaving his sons with many household responsibilities. ( As the two eldest of six children Jacob and Wilhelm were forced to mature and become responsible for their siblings following their fathers death ( .
During the boys adolescent years they put their creativity to work in their studies and writings. Luckily Wilhelm and Jacob’s aunt paid for their school tuition, allowing the boys to test their knowledge and find a career they would enjoy (World of Tales). Surprisingly Both Wilhelm and Jacob went to college to become lawyers, as you may have guessed the Grimm brothers didn’t stay in the law school for long ( After being influenced by German Romanticism writers, the brothers quit law school and began studying folklore a subject that truly interested them. (
After the Grimm brothers studied folklore they decided that they would write their own cre...

... middle of paper ... their early life, to their writings, and finally to their fame. Without creativity the Grimm brothers works would be dull, lifeless and unpopular. Creativity used by the Grimm brothers set their stories apart from any other story of its time and paved the way for many other similar stories. The Grimm brother’s creativity inspires many other writers to test their ideas and make breakthroughs in the world of writing.

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