The Grimm Brothers And Their Disney Adaptations Essay

The Grimm Brothers And Their Disney Adaptations Essay

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Fairy tales teach children valuable lessons that will later on guide them as they grow up. Despite the traditional damsel in distress fairy tale formation, these stories can be easily changed to accommodate the culture and time period in which they are told. Essentially, they are often modified to reflect the needs of a society. This modification is most prominently shown between the shown between the works of the Grimm Brothers and their Disney adaptations. While both works share similar ideas, they are perceived differently within society due to the obvious contrast between the stories being told. Disney takes these Grimm’s tales and alters the dark tones and original messages to make them suitable for a younger audience. Examples of these alterations can be found within Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel. Because of this change, Disney productions fail to capture the true value of the lessons each tale originally conveys due to the lack of the psychological depth that is shown in the Grimm Brothers tales.
The original Grimm Brothers story of Cinderella was first published in 1697 and the Disney adaptation came in 1950. Due to the time period gap of 253 years, the story of Cinderella was changed by Disney for the purpose of making it more child friendly and to possibly make more income. Because of this change/greed, there are many psychological elements of the original story that have been lost and in which, it loses the true values and lessons the Cinderella story once had. In both tales, there is a beautiful girl, who is forced to be the slave/maid of the family by her wicked step-mother and step-sisters. The prince announces that he will be having a royal ball and after being denied the permission to attend the ball by he...

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...ake it look fun by adding the songs and cheery animals helping. Therefore, Disney 's version of the fairy tale is more so focused on the modern woman rather than the actual psychological topics such as a seven year old being forced to grow up in the Grimm’s version.
Fairy tales teach children valuable life lessons and because as society is changing, these fairy tales also need to change in order to comply with the needs of society, or it simply will not survive as a popular story. Disney takes this into consideration and alters the works of the Grimm Brothers to adapt to society and to make it appealing to a younger audience. Because of this change, Disney production at times fail to capture the true values of the original tales which contain a certain level of psychological depth and instead tailors it so it shows an unrealistic view point of the main characters.

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