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Essay on Greyson

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Loud and sharp, my scream echoes from my mouth but not in its customary coldness, emotion stirs within me. I am out of the memory. The memory is gone, fading and with it my recollection, now being only shadows and wisps in the back of my mind.
The fuzziness of sleep clears from my head; I realize that I am in my room, located in the inn of No Names, my room, a room reserved for guests. My eyes are already adjusted to the darkness of the room, the shades pulled mostly closed so that only a sliver of the morning sun makes it in, cutting a line down the middle of the room.
Stretching my arms a bit, bringing them to life, I look down and check my powerful and responsive muscles, they respond to my commands with the same tight actions as normal. I trained my body to be durable and full of stamina, the sinewy strong muscles are stronger than they look at first glance, each muscle on my body, worked to the peak of perfection. Brushing my hands through my hair, I can feel those same unruly spikes brushing against my fingertips, rebel against my hands.
Looking up at the new face in my room, I see him all to clearly. “Whoever you are, get out.”
Scooting my butt back against the bed, pushing my back up against it, the light falls on me, fully clothed. I lean my head back and rest it on the bed. My eyes stare up at the ceiling dully.
Even after the strenuous activity of the dream I am not breathing hard, the beating of my heart is still quiet.
I sit comfortably with my back against the bed turned to the window in the room, curled up with my knees against my chest, my reddish tanned arms wrapped within my only traveling companion, a ratty tattered old cloak. The cloak is threadbare in many places, but strong in others, able to withstand...

... middle of paper ... mind.
Penndarius snorts with laughter, “Of course not, you are sleeping alone in a room with the curtains drawn and no possessions other than what is on your back, why would you need anything.”
He turns to leave heading for the door, I interrupt him as he is passing through the doorway into the lit hallway beyond, “Thank you.” The comment catches him off guard and he stops in the doorway taking a moment before he responds.
Finally, as the time passes Penndarius finally shrugs his shoulders in acknowledgment of my comment, his hands on either side of the door frame, leaning into the solid wood, this lasts for only brief moment and it is gone, fleeting as it first appeared, leaving no trace.
He continues forward leaving me alone in my room, closing the door softly, only a whisper of a noise is made as the dust swirling at the doorway settles back to the ground.

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