Grete’s Violin And Dorotea’s Bundle As Symbols Of Humanity That Contrast With Pedro Paramo And Gregor’s Father’s Lack Of Humanity

Grete’s Violin And Dorotea’s Bundle As Symbols Of Humanity That Contrast With Pedro Paramo And Gregor’s Father’s Lack Of Humanity

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The novels of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo, contain many familial relationships. Some of these relationships are good, and some are not. The fathers make the difference between the good relationships and the bad. Grete’s violin and Dorotea’s bundle symbolize the traits that Gregor’s father and Pedro Paramo lack. The author uses these symbols to show that humanity is not created through parental connections, but through compassion for one another.
Dorotea’s mothering instinct for a bundle of a rebozo represents humanity and parental love. Dorotea takes care her of the bundle of rebozo with an unconditional love, as if it was a baby. “I could feel him in my arms, my sweet baby, with his little mouth and eyes and hands. For a long, long time I could feel his eyelids and the beating of his heart with my fingertips” (Rulfo 60). She sees this bundle as her child and so it becomes a source of comfort for her, because it allows her to form a parent-child relationship. The child’s origin does not make the relationship, instead the relationship forms because of Dorotea’s unconditional love for the rebozo. The bundle also gives Dorotea something to feel connected with. Comala isolates Dorotea because she is viewed as insane. Her rebozo is often her only connection to others. “[Dorotea] gets up early every morning to come by here for her breakfast. She’s the one who rolls up her bundle in her rebozo and sings to it, and calls it her baby” (Rulfo 63). Her bundle allows her to love and be loved in return. This connection with something that can be loved allows her to retain her humanity in her isolation.
In The Metamorphosis, Grete’s violin symbolizes humanity. Gregor finds his humani...

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... that Gregor father has in comparison to Grete, because it is ironic that a man without humanity would want to bring the emotions of music closer. Both Pedro and Gregor’s father show little humanity when compared to Dorotea’s rebozo and Grete’s violin.
Through the author’s use of symbols, readers can grasp the theme that humanity is not obtained through blood relations, but only through the love and emotion shown in these relationships. Without true emotions and love, both Pedro Paramo and Gregor’s father are left isolated, while Grete and Dorotea find humanity and companionship. Grete’s violin symbolizes the passion and emotion that are necessary for humanity. Dorotea’s bundle symbolizes the unconditional love and connections to others that is needed as well. These symbols allow readers to understand the father figure’s lack of humanity.

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