Gregory Crewdson's In a Lonely Place Essay

Gregory Crewdson's In a Lonely Place Essay

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Throughout history artists have used various mediums to express their views of the world, some use oils and canvas, some use marble or clay, and others use a camera. Gregory Crewdson uses both a camera and his flawless lighting skills to create beautiful other worldly scenes. In the Article In a lonely place by Gregory Crewdson, Crewdson discusses how his art reflexes the “ideas of beauty, sadness, alienation, and desire.” Crewdson has derived these ideas from a myriad of influences. The most influential of these sources would have to be other artists and Hollywood films.
The light work used in almost all of Crewdson’s pieces is very reminiscent of the unnatural light that embodies the great works of the Baroque period of art. The light appears seemingly from no known source but greatly serves elevate the dramatic themes of the pieces. The light also serves to tie the pieces together. This technique of using the uniting power of light was also used by Edward Hopper.
Edward Hopper was greatly influential on Crewdson. Both artists use their mediums to tell a story in one scene. They use windows, walls, and even doorways to frame their scenes. The scenes are framed in a way that leads the viewer to believe they are “looking in” at the subjects; it gives the artists’ works a voyeuristic quality that is both intriguing and mischievous.
Like William Eggleston, Crewdson takes everyday occurrences and transforms them into something mystical and captivating, often with a hint of the sinister. This is best reflected in Crewdson’s piece “Untitled (boy with hand in drain.)” The scene takes place in a normal bathroom, even the task at first glance appears to be completely normal. A boy with his arm down the drain searching for either an ...

... middle of paper ... light to show just how magical and sometimes mystical our world can be. His pieces show tranquility that is often masking an underlying and troubling truth. To create these images Crewdson uses his influences from other artists and from cinematic films to embellish his views and images.
Gregory Crewdson once said “I love the experience of cinema- being enveloped in a complete world of another’s imagination. I love the quality of film- how it can capture so richly the color and light of a scene. And I love photography - for what it leaves unsaid for it is from this that we can start to spin our own imagination.” Crewdson accomplishes the both the most intriguing and frustrating aspect of art; he poses a question yet refuses to reveal the answer. It is the unanswerable question that leads the viewer to study the work and spend hours contemplating its meaning.

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