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Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to discover that he 's transferred into a bug. He struggles to come to terms with his new body, and realizes that he is late for his job as a traveling salesman. His mother, father and sister, knock on his bedroom door in an effort to get him out of bed and ready for work. His manager, arrives to inquire about his absence. With his parents pleading with the manager, they 're upset because they think Gregor is sick or ignoring his responsibilities. Gregor manages to crawl to his bedroom door and open it, he reveals himself to everyone that he has transformed into a bug! The manager runs out of the apartment in horror. His father chases Gregor around the living room to get back to his bedroom, but he gets stuck. His father pushes him into the room and closes the door behind him. Horrified by Gregor 's new body, both Gregor and the family make a routine in the following weeks and months. Gregor gets to know the capabilities of his new body. Grete, his sister, becomes his caretaker, she feeds him and cleans his room. One day, Grete discovers that Gregor enjoys crawling all around the room, including over the walls and the ceilings. Grete and the mother proceed to move the furniture out of Gregor 's room to give him more space to roam. While up to this point Gregor has hidden himself whenever anyone walks into the room, he plants himself on top of a picture on the wall trying to express his wish that the furniture remain in his room so that he can hide. When the two women return to the room, the mother sees Gregor and faints. Grete runs into the living room to get the mother some spirits, and Gregor follows. When Grete turns, she is startled by Gregor and
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runs back into Gregor 's...

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...ited States. People did not understand why or how another human being can have different skin. They would physically and mentally
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abuse these people for no reason at all, but just because they were difference is I didn 't. For my final example of society not accepting people and things that people do, teen pregnancy. My friend got pregnant her junior year of high school. Being at such a young age and not fully matured as a person, Being pregnant is looked down upon by many people. Since society Doesn 't accept this, Teens that have become pregnant tend to distance the self from other people. Most drop out of school from embarrassment and judgment. This makes life for them more difficult. From these three examples, you can see why being an outcast can really make life difficult and unbearable. It 's lonely and can mentally hurt you as a person.

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