Greg Abbot and Wendy Davis' Campain Strategies Essay

Greg Abbot and Wendy Davis' Campain Strategies Essay

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Both candidates are very well known in their fields and have great arguments on who will be a better governor. Wendy Davis is more for education and better our education and Greg Abbot is more into keeping people safe and protecting the people’s rights. Both are fighting for some of the same things but which can do a better job is as governor is for the people to decide.
Wendy Davis is a democrat born right here Fort Worth Texas. She went to school at Texas Christian University and graduated with honors at Harvard Law School. People have been known to call Wendy Davis a fighter willing to stand up for what she believes in. At a young age Wendy Davis began working after school to help support her single mother and three siblings. Wendy was a single mother herself at the age of 19; she worked two jobs so she can create a better life for her young daughter. She learned about attending school and decided that she needed to further her education to live a better life. While attending college she helped and reached out many development issues and became known as a leader up...

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