Greenlight Apparel, Lululemon Apparel Essay

Greenlight Apparel, Lululemon Apparel Essay

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What would you like to wear – when you are going for a walk? To the gym? To exercise? For yoga or if just want to sit home and relax. If one is passionate about health and athletic lifestyle , they should chose Greenlight Apparel firm and if one want to be unique with their ideas and life philosophies , they should chose Lululemon Apparel.
Greenlight Apparel is an athletic gear company with a mission which is proving to provide simple and challenging lifestyle. The motto, “Wear it for Good” , says it all about how their company is unique. Greenlight Apparel also produces in a sustainable and decent way while donating their profits to the educational programs to lower down the poverty margin line in the world. Greenlight’s behavior as an apparel company has helped in providing and financing opportunities to women and children’s over the world and communities. The CEO of the company Sonny Aulakh states, “an area greatly affected by both the environmental and child labor issues. As he notes, “The people there see right through it. It’s a part of their culture.” Being an Indian and coming from the part where poverty is high on the margin line says it all about the culture and how the environment has changed the lives of children and the labor work. Greenlight Apparel is doing their best to change the world and save the environment as well as young children from ruining their life. While on the other hand, Lululemon is also an athletic company with a mission of providing “healthy and positive living.” Lululemon’s motto is simple and unique, “the lululemon manifesto” which is about their 31 ideas and philosophies for healthy and positive living. Lululemon apparel design clothes for those who are fond of yoga and yoga activities ...

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