The Greenhouse Effect On Our Environment Essay

The Greenhouse Effect On Our Environment Essay

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If you had a decent childhood you would know that if you seen a Volkswagen bug rolling down the street you had to punch the closest person and scream “slug bug”! Of course we have all grown up a little since then and we still occasionally get punched in the arm but nowadays it is Volkswagon taking the hit. By modifying the computer in the new car engines to only put out a certain amount of fumes while testing for emission. VW has been cheating emission testing since 2009. Although many believe current emission standards are too restrictive, actually they are up to date and helpful to the environment.
It is now common knowledge that carbon dioxide emissions from our vehicles add to the greenhouse effect. but have we ever stopped to wonder what the greenhouse effect is and what other emissions do to our environment. the greenhouse effect is when compounds like carbon dioxide is unable to pass through the atmosphere and begins to trap heat between them and earth 's crust by reflecting the light back onto earth instead of it passing through the atmosphere. This in turn has caused earth 's overall temperature to rise. THough CO2 is one of the most important greenhouse gas it is not the only emission that comes from a decombustion engine that creates environmental problems. other emissions you don 't usually hear about like Nitrogen Oxides, Sulfur Dioxides, Hydrocarbons and Carbon monoxide. Each of these gases comes with their own set of environmental problems.
Beginning in 1970 congress passed the “Clean Air Act” to better control the output of emissions. Then in 1990 congress again tightened regulations leading to “Tier 1” standards which reduced emissions by 40 percent. By 2004 the EPA had issued the new “Tier 2” tailpipe emission s...

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... great lengths to reduce emissions since 1970. necessary Steps have been taken to manage the output of emissions by regulating vehicle emission tests. THis regulated inquiry of the gas exhaust is a small chunk of care when seeing the result of pollution in the environment, as well as many other policies that receive a greater amount of interest. in this society of rising car rates, the small amount of contrast that this source supplies is a insistent way of cleaning up part of the rgime that human beings have no choice in doing but to inhale into our lungs and ultimately have circulate throughout our system. the Administering of emission tests is meaningless if not given in the correct form, or even at all. this lack of awareness about the eradication of contaminants in the atmosphere makes no sense when these emission testing sites are put there to do such a thing.

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