Green Practices Of Hospitality Industry : Green Design Material, And Green Marketing System

Green Practices Of Hospitality Industry : Green Design Material, And Green Marketing System

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Green Practices in Hospitality Industry
Global warming has been rising gradually. Countries and many specific areas on our planet are suffering from climate change. Animals have become extinct, deforestation happens everywhere, water is being polluted by industries and lastly many people are living in lacking of everyday essentials. If this action continues, our next generation might not have access to natural sources as much as we do now. According to an article on climate change, “Sustainability requires a fundamental shift in thinking, values, ambitions and action by not only the general population but also by business leaders and educational establishments.” (Chen. et al., 2013, P.349). Hotel and Food businesses are the two famous big industry that applying green practices. Hospitality and Culinary Arts industry are expected to reduce global warming increases, by applying sustainable system to make our planet become a better place to life. Three sustainable systems that industry should consider are the slow food, green design material, and green marketing system.
To begin with, Slow Food Movement has been known to promote lifestyle and sustainability for its own society. In 1986, Carlo Petrini invented an interesting term called “Slow Food Movement”, which is an alternative to fast food. Slow food is real food is a food system that emphasizes fresh cooked meals and prioritized the local and ethical sourcing of ingredients that respect our environment. Slow food serves fresh food, cooked right away after guests named their order. The food itself contains traditional spices and also local ingredients; the authentic taste makes slow food tastier than fast food. Slow food helped environmental improvement in local natural ingredie...

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...eeds to be done green wise.” (Green Hotel Association, 2005)
All in all, our planet has been suffering because of our un-awareness of the damage we have made. We are the one who must take responsibilities for our own mistakes, using a large amount of natural resources without thinking of the consequences. Hospitality industry experts have invented so many green practices, in order to save the earth and next generation. If every country applying Slow Food Movement in their culture, it will bring massive impact to save food waste and local agricultural. Green design and marketing are the win-win situation for both hotel, guests and location where people does not have soap. Imagine if every hotel and restaurant in this world is doing these three suggestions, our planet would have been better place to live. Take action before it is all too late, starts from ourselves.

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