Green Politics as an Alternative to Capitalism Essay

Green Politics as an Alternative to Capitalism Essay

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Aleksandersen, L.S.
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The world today is a witness to the problems regarding the state of the environment, the degree of social inequality, and the continued rise of social injustice. Many claim that to address these, an alternative to the capitalist system needs to be found. Meadows et al. for example, argue that there are limits to growth, which means that, given the present context, society has surpassed its own limits. Green Politics offers an alternative to the utopian idea of everlasting economic growth. It is defined by its basic concepts of environmentalism, social justice, and grassroots democracies. Additionally it believes firmly in zero growth or sustainable growth . This paper argues that Green Politics and green policies must be implemented as a replacement of the current unsustainable capitalist system because it is cost efficient, it protects and uses natural resources sustainably, and it promotes social justice.

Green Politics promotes more cost-efficient energy use. The central belief of Green Politics is to reduce the abuse on the environment and one o...

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