Essay about Green Is The New Black

Essay about Green Is The New Black

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Green Is The New Black

The fashion industry is one of the most influential in the world. A global powerhouse made up of factories, skilled laborers, and insanely fast production rates generates approximately $2,560 trillion dollars per year, as of 2010 (Breyer). An industry as dominant as this has many major impacts on society. The bible-like publication of fashion, Vogue, published an article in 1990 titled, “The Green Movement in the Fashion World”, about the then upcoming trend in fashion, sustainability ("Eco-Friendly Concepts and Ethical Movements in the Fashion Industry" 2). Since the introduction to the megatrend of sustainable fashion back in the late 20th century, many major companies within the fashion industry have made conscious efforts to run their businesses with the Earth’s best interest in mind. Sustainable fashion has only grown over the past couple of decades to be a true eco-phenomenon in many different aspects of the industry. It looks as if it’s only going to grow until most, if not all, companies and consumers are on board. Sustainability in fashion is seen in utilizing recycled or natural materials for products and creating more efficient production processes or working conditions to minimize the industry’s carbon footprint. The megatrend of sustainable fashion is great for bettering the environment, and ensuring ethical, environmentally friendly production of the glamorous industry creations.
It takes a lot of behind the scenes effort from the creative process to production, before fashion is in the hands of consumer. Unfortunately, a lot of these processes are detrimental to the environment. First of all, pesticides are used to grow the fibers used for fabrics. Many of the stages of production necessa...

... middle of paper ...

... Neil Young, Alicia Silverstone, Michelle Obama, and Vivienne Westwood (THEGUARDIAN). With celebrity endorsement, these eco-fashion brands gain more attention and publicity resulting in higher success rates of the company, a larger following of the sustainable fashion megatrend, and ultimately a healthier planet.

Figure 1. The creation of a strand of Bionic Yarn’s DPX fiber.

Similar to Bionic Yarn’s fibers, sustainable textiles are generally made from a compound of organic or recycled materials. Some popular green fibers include; organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen, organic wool, and recycled polyester. Hemp is a majorly ecological crop because it’s naturally pest tolerant, so it requires little to no pesticides, and its “highly productive” (GREENCHOICES.ORG). Hemp is a fiber extracted from the stem of the cannabis plant and can be characterized by its course...

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