Green Energy: The Next Generation Essay

Green Energy: The Next Generation Essay

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Green Energy: The Next Generation
Purcell Schools should transform all their schools to use “green” energy and environmentally-friendly products. It would not only be better for the school and community, but would also be profitable for the school system. Although it does cost a little more a year on a bill, it will actually, in the grand scheme of things, cost less in the near future. That would mean, as a school system and community, it would enable a better technology program for the school, more field trips, new textbooks, and even a much better salary for our very underpaid teachers and administrators. Also, “Green” products provide a cleaner, healthier, more natural learning environment. With schools having an environment like this, it would give our community a chance to learn to be healthier in their daily lives. A recent study by the Oklahoma State Government, shows that Oklahoma is the sixth most obese state in the nation (). If all we had to do is show our future generations how to lead a healthier, more eco-friendly life, why not? Lastly, “Green” energy is offered in many ways. Solar, Geothermal, Wind, and even Nuclear are all types of renewable energy that we could use to power our school system and community.
Although “green” energy costs more at the beginning, it will pay for itself within a year, and will cost almost nothing to continue for many years to come. Recent studies show that by using “green” energy, you can actually cut your energy bill by half. If this is true, why shouldn’t the school be transformed to use “green” energy? It would mean a better environment for our community, more money for our school system, and a healthier student community.
More money can go towards the schools having new boo...

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