Green Energy or Environmentaly Friendly Technology Essay

Green Energy or Environmentaly Friendly Technology Essay

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Green energy
Green Technology, or environmently friendly technology, is technology that does not harm the environment, One reason green energy is superior to other engergy sources, is it does noto deplete the Earths natural resources. Another great reason to use green energy is it does not harm the environnment when making energy as much as other ways.
One of the best ways of creating green energy is through wind turbines.Wind turbines generate electricty through kinetic energy from the wind. When wind blows and catches on the blades they spin, which then makes a generater convert that into usable energy. Some places are making wind farms or, gaint arrays of wind trubines. These wind farms can make a small contributon to domestic power so we are using less unclean energy. Windmills are an endless source of energy that does not harm the environment.
Another technology we use today is solar power. Solar power is made from the suns rays and turned to energy.They take the speeding photons and convert them into an electtrical current. There are many people using solar power today. Some technologies are moving forward into more green products by making them solar powered. Countrys such as the US , Germany, Japan, and Spain are starting to be more and more solar powered. Solar energy is very cheap is well. If your electricty bill is high, solar power might be a good idea for you. They also cost very little to maintain. Aside from being cheap, solar engergy is abundent, it is an endless renewable resource.
Dams that have penstocks are also a very good souce of green energy. They basicly take the water from rivers and make them flow through a dam with penstocks to create energy. Water flows through the dam and spins a turbine in th...

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...totype out there to prove them wrong. Most of the people who denied its possiblity were scientists investigating the hot nuclear fusion and most likely just wanted to have more funding for there projects. Even after all of them claimed that it was impossible, a remarkable amount of universities tried some of there own experiaments about the same thing they just said could not happon. I thought it was very interesting that all that happoned to the scientists Pons and Fleischmann because they chose to share it with the media before anyone else.

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