Essay about Green Business Practices : The Supply Chain Management

Essay about Green Business Practices : The Supply Chain Management

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Green Business Practices include the Supply Chain
Companies are making great strides in developing new and innovative measures to decrease the negative effect on our environment through what is called green practices. There are many pressures by the consumers and governing agencies where the auto manufacturers are located to improve on green practices. This has pushed many companies to adopt green practices across the board to better themselves as well as increase sales and profits. The article “Green initiatives: A step towards sustainable development and firm 's performance in the automobile industry” written by Kushwaha and Sharma, they reviewed data to decide if following green practices yield positive results for automobile firms. The authors explore various practices such as; green product innovations, green marketing, and green supply chain management from reviewing over one hundred articles and research papers to analyze their results.
Green product innovations have had positive effect throughout the industry, consumers are looking to reduce fuel cost and decrease harmful emissions from vehicles. As new innovative ideas are implemented profit increases, “people are much more focused on environmental issues and when they buy an eco-product they can take the advantage of both cost and environmental protection,” (Kushwaha & Sharma, 2016, p. 117). The authors make reference to a process of developing a product with minimal resources called Resource Constrained Product Development (RCPD). This intended benefit of RCDP is, “lower prices and higher market penetration of new products, and it also provides unintended benefits include the economical use of resources and thereby conservation of scarce resources,” (Kushw...

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...s green practices a company participates in makes them more appealing to the customer. Cross-leveling efforts of all departments from administrative, marketing, advertising, facilities, and supply to implement green practices across the board should reap the benefits.
A company that is implementing green practices to include product innovation, marketing and supply chain management is proven to perform better compared to those who do not. Companies that have specific strategy with a mutual organizational goal that is clearly understood at each level of the company’s infrastructure will perform better amongst its competitors. Employees who can take pride in the products they produce and the company they are employed are more productive. Consumers are more apt to purchase a product when they feel is produced with limited negative effect to the environment.

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