The Greeks 's Influence On Roman Culture Essay

The Greeks 's Influence On Roman Culture Essay

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The Greeks had great influence on Roman culture. The Roman gods were the Roman equivalent of Greek gods and even the mythology mirrored the Greeks. Early Roman culture allowed for minimal education, the father educated the sons, when the Romans met the Greeks, education evolved however. Education became about learning things such as literature, language, philosophy, and humanities. The Romans even taught the Greek language to their students since Rome didn’t have it’s own language. Adapting to Greek culture caused Rome to go from a rural society to an urban one. In the later stages of the republic public education became more formal, though it still only included boys. Upper class girls received an education from private tutors in their homes. The focus of Roman culture was the family, according to Suzanne Dixon so long as two citizens wanted to marry and the legal ability to do so, and had the approval of the paterfamilias, or head of the household, then they could marry. The goal of a marriage was to produce children and those children were ultimately the property of the father. Many things such as inheritance, rank, power, and alliances were based upon marriages and it was a cornerstone of Roman culture. Wifes were also treated better in Roman culture than in Greek culture. Roman wives were not treated as a shameful secret who had to remain at home, they were allowed to go out in public. Love seemed to be a much more commonplace idea in ROman marriages as well.
As time went on in Rome slavery became more and more common. The situation of slaves in Rome was very similar to that of Greek slaves, according to Kagan. In Rome however, agriculture was dependent on slaves, and these slaves lives were much harsher than that of other s...

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...les. While there is evidence that public sewers existed, very few households were connected to it, due to the fact they were odorous, and unsafe, they often resulted in explosions. Despite proof of latrines, there is plenty of evidence that people relieved themselves everywhere, and anywhere, behind statues and in the streets for example. It is also a point of interest that there is no evidence of a street cleaning service in Rome. Human remains were treated in a similar manner, left in the streets or dung heaps. Animal remains were the same way, and these things caused the water supply to become contaminated in some instances. Due to the lack of sanitation diseases were transferred commonly, diseases such as cholera , typhoid, leptospirosis, and many more. These conditions help to explain why the average life expectancy was so low, and the very high mortality rate.

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