Essay about Greek Values Of Early Greek Society

Essay about Greek Values Of Early Greek Society

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In The Iliad some central values of early Greek society are anger, honor, and love. The way The Iliad begins, with the "wrath of Achilles” sets the direction which the epic takes. Achilles anger is based of pride and honor.

In The Odyssey some of the central values of early Greek society are honor, hospitality, faithfulness, and revenge. Honor continues to be an important element in epics as it is the most detrimental thing to strip from a man. As Odysseus voyages in attempt to reach Ithaca he is taken in by many foreigners he meets along the way, he doesn’t always remain consistent with his tasks and unfortunately allows a lot of time to pass during some of the hospitality he enjoys. Faithfulness is another central value that can be seen indefinitely in The Odyssey especially from queen Penelope that remains faithful to Odysseus throughout his absence. By the same token, Odysseus seeks revenge against the suitors and reclaims his land and his wife making revenge a prominent value in early Greek society.

In The Iliad the major conflict begins between Prince Paris and the Achaean king Menelaus over Helen. During the war that arises from the attempt to bring back Helen the Achaeans reside in a city nearby and hold captive several women. Chryses asks Agamemnon to release his daughter, when Agamemnon refuses Chryses prays to Apollo for misfortune among the Achaeans. Eventually, a plague effects the Achaeans and Agamemnon is asked by the prophet Calchas to to return Chryses’ daughter. Agamemnon agrees but only if he may have Achilles’s captive woman, Briseis. Achilles now seeking revenge declares he will no longer fight for Agamemnon. He calls upon his mother Thetis to persuade Zeus to turn the tides against the Achaeans giving ...

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... Likewise, In the modern world it is common in human behavior to worship certain deities in hopes for prosperity in all aspects of life. Although, Odysseus’s major mistake was not recognizing and appreciating Poseidon for his assistance early on he still calls upon Athena and other deities for guidance throughout his journey.

Another aspect of behavior and events in The Odyssey that can be correlated to the modern world is how still there is a prevalent competition between humans to be the most desirable. For instance, modern humans just as characters in The Odyssey weigh highly the importance of, material prosperity, physical appearance, knowledge, and status. These all make possible the ability to influence modern societies and their populations. Similar, to the defined hierarchies in the ancient world there are still modernized versions of those which existed.

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