The Greek Tragedy Of Sophocles ' Sophocles Essay

The Greek Tragedy Of Sophocles ' Sophocles Essay

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The tragic plays have been an important part of the Greek history and women had played an important roles in the plays to demonstrate about Greek society. A tragedy is a drama that represents events that lead to destruction, accident, death, or natural calamity. The character of a tragic dramas have to be dead or shown the misfortune that leads to the downfall of the main character. There are many famous playwrights that have written tragedies, one of the name is Sophocles. Sophocles is one of the popular Greek tragedy playwrights that had written many plays in Greek literature. The ideas of Sophocles plays are gender based or distinguish between two genders: men and women. It revolves around how Greek society deals with the social ranking of men and women. Women have always been the focus for Sophocles to represent Greek society. There are three important relationships of women towards society: mother, daughter, and wife. It is very important to understand the social position of women in ancient Greek society. Sophocles has staged man and women in their plays according to their social status. The characters of women and man are made differently, but Sophocles have never discriminated man and women in plays or stage. To understand the role of the women in the Greek tragedies it is very important to focus on the families in the ancient Greek society. The family also plays an important role in Sophocles plays. In Antigone, Electra, and Ajax there is a conflict between families for different reasons such as brothers, revenge, property, or to protect the society from violence. The structure of the family is very important to understand gender distinguish of male and female in Greek society. Sophocles was only the playwright that have ...

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...nurtured her children badly and give arise to conflicts in the family. So, the wrong motherhood in the family is also an element of tragedy in plays. The Chorus in the Electra expresses the role of a caring parent for Electra. The role of an Electra is a role of a daughter that is reciprocal to the mother’s character. Electra has a challenging role in which she decided to carry out the revenge by herself, she tried to be heroic and violent, she denies the female role in the society, she started the quarrel between the sisters which caused conflicts in the family, and she is presented as the wise child in the family. So, Sophocles portrayed the women that are against the family and the polis. Sophocles’ Antigone and Electra are read as a traditional religious and judicial rights of the family, but the question does it really reflects the fifth century Athenian women.

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