The Greek Period Of Egyptian History Essay

The Greek Period Of Egyptian History Essay

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He was a man who was on a mission, a man who was just resting in a faraway land till it was time to go back on the attack once more. His short stay in this land, led to one of the biggest changes in history. This change marked the Greek period in Egyptian history. Before Alexander entered Egypt, they were under the ruling of the Persians. The Persians made to change Egypt into what they wanted it to be. They held no respect for the people, no respect for the traditions and the old ways, and taxed the people high amounts. Alexander built up Egypt after the Persian rule. The Persians tried to change Egypt to form there laws and beliefs, and Alexander, he did nothing to change the old way, he brought them back, mixed them with new ones the people enjoyed and welcomed. Persia would have been the fall of Egypt, had they stayed in power. Alexander and his rulings built power back in to Egypt to make it into the powerhouse they once were.
Alexander III of Macedon born 356 BC died 323 BC, to the parents King Philip II and Queen Olympia. His tutor was Aristotle himself. The prince at the young age of 18 took charge of the royal infantry and aided in many battles. After the passing of his father, he became king and started his take over. It was in the mist of the taker over of Persia that he made his way into Egypt. He was just a young age of 32 when he passed away from malaria. His legacy lasts until today, his history is one that will live on forever.
For over 200 Years Egypt had been ruled by Persia, dominating Egypt in 525BC King Cambyses, who seized Memphis. At this point Egypt was now a province of Persia, and paying taxes or tribute to the king. A king who was not even truly there’s. The new administration system was pushing for o...

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...the world. Many people heard of his ruling, parsing him and coming to see him to pay their respects to the great man.
A city he built, a place he changed for the better that he brought back from a ruling no one wanted. Alexander spent time to build up Egypt after the Persian rule. The Persians who wanted to change Egypt to form there laws and beliefs, and Alexander, well he did nothing to change the old way, he brought them back, mixed them with new ones the people enjoyed and welcomed. His ruling left a land stronger then it was when he found it. It left with people who would remember his name for many years to come. This paved the ways for rulers after him. The Egyptian people would never forget the man who saved them from the Persian rule, from the ones who changed them. This man would change the face of the Egyptians history, and paved the way for many others.

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