Essay on Greek Mythology : The Story Of Prometheus

Essay on Greek Mythology : The Story Of Prometheus

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The story of Prometheus is I think one of the best stories in Greek mythology, I think Prometheus showed a lot of loyalty to man when he defied Zeus to bring fire to mankind. Without fire mankind, who had been enduring great hardships, such as freezing and starving, would not have survived much longer as the story goes. I think that when Prometheus decided to go against Zeus’ wish to not help mankind he must have known it would make Zeus mad and that he would be punished, this is why I think it is one of the most incredible things I have seen in Greek myth. I think that it really takes a man that is true to himself to know you are going to face trouble, hardship, or even punishment and not let that sway your decision to do the right thing, even if it were to lead to your death.
He truly wanted to see man succeed in life but, when Zeus saw that he had smuggled fire and gifted it to men, he could not believe who had done it. Prometheus had given man fire smuggled from the gods with a reed the fire burned through the soft pith in the center of the reed. I think that Prometheus using the pith to sustain the burning for long enough to get it down to man was really a genius plan in an age of little technology, he realized that there would be no way for him to get the fire down to man without the fire burning out and had to find a way to get it there, after all it takes nine days. After he had figured out that the pith would burn slow and not be blown out, he must have had mixed emotions, he would have known this was going to eventually lead to his punishment.
After he got back to where men were hiding from the cold in caves and dwellings in the ground, Prometheus called them out and began to show them how to use the fire to cook, get wa...

... middle of paper ... she had been transformed into a cow, she would go to the river Nile and be transformed back into a maiden and more beautiful than before. Prometheus knew that he would be freed from the chains by Heracles after Io had done this.
I think that the Story of Prometheus and Pandora was in itself the best and worst story in Greek Myth Prometheus is the essential savior of man and continually and selflessly helps man out in the story no matter the outcome of his actions but, what happened to him and the events of what happened with Pandora were by far the worst in the Greek myth. I think that even if Prometheus could have foreseen that Pandora would be created and bring the case of evil things, and as lovely as she was I think he would have still done everything the same because he would have known that the happiness, warmth, and advancement of man was worth the trouble.

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