Essay on Greek Mythology : Greek And Indian Mythology

Essay on Greek Mythology : Greek And Indian Mythology

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Mythology in the dictionary is defined as a “collection of myths or the study of myths.” and while the mythologies originate from different places, they are alike in many aspects. They share similar themes, beliefs, and experts believe they are the same for many reasons. Greek and Indian mythology both share the same theme of the main character trying to avoid a prophecy only to succumb to their destiny.
In Indian mythology, we have the story of King Kansa. Kansa was an evil ruler who was warned by AakashVani that he would be killed by his sisters, Devaki, eight sons. Threaten he locked up Devaki and her husband, Vaasudeva, and killed every child she had. When the eight child was born Vaasudeva managed to break free and save their child by giving him to a friend. Years went by until Krishna, the eighth child, was all grown up and killed the evil King Kansa. Kansa was not able to avoid this prophecy as it was destined to happen to him just like Cronus. Greek mythology has the same tale in which Zeus kills his father, Cronus, and becomes gods of the gods. Once again the theme continues as Zeus becomes evil and was told he would one day be overruled, the cycle continues as a ruler becomes evil and needs to be replaced. The theme is not the only similarity the two mythologies have, as they also share beliefs.
Both mythologies share the same believe that they will go to the next life after death. Indian mythology believes that those who are good will go to Svarga, haven, and Naraka, hell. In Greek mythology, they believe that the evil go to the underworld and the good go to heaven or Mount Olympus. The Greeks mummify their gods and bury them in sacred burial grounds with their loved ones while the Indians also have sacre...

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...e to this conclusion. She uses the story of Heracles rescuing Hesione by killing the monster of Troy, “Ms. Mayor pointed out that in the earliest known illustration of the Heracles legend, painted on a Corinthian vase, the monster 's skull closely matched that of an extinct giraffe” (“NY times”). Mayor came to the conclusion that every time Greeks or Romans found fossils they used them to back up a mythology story that was already created or to create a completely new story.
In conclusion, Greek and Indian mythology are similar to the fact that they have many gods that are similar in roles, weapons, and statuses. They share similar stories that are created of off the same context and believe in the same thing. There are many different mythologies but at the end of the day, they are all basically explaining the same thing just using different gods and goddesses.

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