Greek Mythology And The Mythology Essay

Greek Mythology And The Mythology Essay

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“Without a knowledge of mythology much of the elegant literature of our own language cannot be understood and appreciated,” Thomas Bulfinch once proclaimed. Greek Mythology is often misunderstood as the main religion of Greece, but in all actuality Greek Mythology is simply a genre. A genre with the same equivalence to any other genre but this genre did something that no other could’ve accomplished. This genre has inspired religions, poets and artist all over the world and continues to influence somebody’s life every day. So why was Greek Mythology created, what is Greek Mythology, how does it compare to other mythologies, how does it exemplify the human race, and why has it affected so many people?
Greek Mythology was a religion created by Ancient Greeks and became a fully developed subject at about 700 BCE. Ancient Greeks studied and observed the qualities of life and put them into fictional tales and stories in order to perpetrate the means of life metaphorically. The Greeks created fictional Gods, Goddesses, Titans and other powerful creatures in their stories to symbolize huge themes like nature, darkness, etc. Each God or Goddess was given a certain claim over nature or culture and tales were created using these characters. For example, after Chaos, the first creature to take existence in this world was made, Titans were formed and later Gods were formed. Ancient Greeks decided that the most powerful Gods should belong on Mount Olympus, the kingdom fit for these immortals. The mighty twelve who had the power to dwell among this kingdom were Zeus, the God of thunder, law, rain and fate, Hera, the Goddess of marriage, childbirth, kings and empire, Poseidon, the God of sea, floods, droughts and horses, Hades, the God of the u...

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...mpacted our culture so much that throughout its duration of being looked at in different ways it seems to have a more of a vast spread thoughts of it. People have slowly lost interest in this fictional subject and our world seems to be ran by modern news and technology so it’s rare to find somebody who knows quite a bit of Greek Mythology in our day.
In conclusion, we can see that Greek Mythology has made quite an impact on the human race and has given us a new perspective on the light of all living things. Religions, books, movies, video games etc. you name it, more than likely Greek Mythology has had an influence on it. In spite of its own uses, Greek Mythology has also inspired people to follow their dreams, be the hero, and better themselves through every situation. Greek Mythology has lived in our lives and will continue to carry on for many generations to come.

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