Greek Life: The Insider Story Essay

Greek Life: The Insider Story Essay

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Have you ever seen the television series Greek? It is full of sex, drugs, and alcohol; the three main elements that make up a typical frat boy or sorority girl’s life. Students involved in Greek life are always throwing wild parties and drinking until they pass out, getting involved in the drama of who slept with whose boyfriend, sending their pledges on crazy tasks in the middle of the night, and never seeming to take any responsibility. However, there is only one thing missing from this hit series; the truth. Greek life is not how it appears on television, my sorority embodies much more than that. Tri Sigma establishes meaningful friendships, builds character, and promotes community involvement.
Some people will argue that in joining a sorority you are simply buying friendships, but that could not be more incorrect. Dues pay for insurance, badges or pins, ritual necessities, chapter operations, public relations, foundation, and other events. There are also fees for our national headquarters and NPC. NPC, or National Panhellenic Conference, is a collaborative organization of 26 international sororities. Nowhere in the billing statement is friendship listed. The friendships founded in my sorority are true and sincere. We have had sisters drive out in the rain at 2 am to bring a sister gas for her car, one sister drove a fellow new member all the way home to Maryland when her grandfather passed away and she was an emotional wreck, and we have had sisters drop everything and run to take a sister to the hospital because she had just had surgery on her knee and it gave out. These are not things one would do unless they cared. These friendships are ones that will last a lifetime. For example, I was sitting at Dina’s one day and a wom...

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... with any stereotype this is not accurate. My sorority is not anywhere near a “typical” sorority. We go out and have fun, but we are much more than that. Building strong friendships, developing women of character, and engaging in community service are areas in which my sorority excels and stands out as more than just parties and good times.


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