Greek Letter Organizations and How They Help Essay example

Greek Letter Organizations and How They Help Essay example

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Incorporating what you learned about Greek Letter Organizations write an essay that addresses your personal opinion about these organizations. Would you ever consider joining a Greek Letter organization? Why or why not? Take out the prompt

Where does this quote begin? Greek Letter Organizations were formed to help blacks survive and remain strong in the face of adversity during the Civil War. Black college students joined together, forming sisterhoods and brotherhoods that kept them going” (McLean, n. d). When I was younger I wanted to join a Greek Letter Organization.<--This is out of place for the organization of this paper. I use to watch “Stomp the Yard” and dream about participating in the step shows because I am passionate about performing. As I grew older, stepping is not all that Greek organizations are about. They organize events, including step shows to help their community and practice skills such as scholarships to help students attend a wonderful university. Throughout the years I have learned when you want to be involved in any organization it takes time, effort and dedication. I am involved in organizations in my school, such as Pommies, National Honor Society and countless others. This year I am one of the captains of the Pommies. I have responsibilities to make up dances, be an example to my teammates and lead the team to victory at competitions. I am also vice president of National Honor Society. As a vice president, I am responsible for assisting the president and assume leadership role in organizing service projects and members points. ← All of this information goes too far off topic. I realized Greek Letter organizations were in my future because I can handle multiple tasks, excel in them, and still maint...

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...aining money for your talent.

Greek Letter organizations reputations are defined by the people who are involved. I made a wise decision about if I wanted to join a Greek organization. I included many factors in my decision. Throughput high school, I have predominantly been involved in community service. I am passionate about helping people and Greek Letter organizations offers opportunities to fulfill that passion. If you do not feel you will be dedicated and happy with Greek life then it is not for you. Greek life is a popular way to involve oneself socially, physically and emotionally in a college. Many support the community through service, step or similar events, and fundraising to earn money for their chapters. Sometimes, Greek organizations are misrepresented but overall they are a positive organization in which one can play an active role (missing citation).

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