Essay on Greek Influence On American Institution

Essay on Greek Influence On American Institution

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What is Ancient Greek? Ancient Greek is a Helladic period that became a larger empire in 800 B.C. to 500 B.C. During the Greek period, Greek cultural developed the useful materials and valuable rulesthat could be helpful to the modernworld. Greek has the greatest influence on American institution by using Greek political ideas, to create a good economic, education, types of gods and the relationship with different nations and countries.
Political is government structures, the political process, political issues, the meaning of democracy, and/or political movements. Democracy is a type of Greek government in which all citizens administer the workings of the government. However, America has two types of government, Democracy, and Republican. American took the idea of Democracy government from Ancient Greek political system because America wanted to have government structure. They wanted to people to have the power to choose their own president, and not to have a king or a queen to rule their country such as British Empire. In addition, American Constitution is divide into three branches, so it could be easy to make a correct decision and equal power. First, there is the Legislative branch which is the congress that make laws, Secondly, there is Executive branch which is the president/Cabinet/Vice president could create laws and lastly, the Judicial branch which evaluates laws made by the Supreme Court (“Branches of Government”). The United States got influenced on democracy government in an inherited political rule from Greek.
Economic is a relationship between government and the economy, labor unions and the role of technology in the economy. The Ancient Greek economic was running by trading from nation to nation. Greek was...

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...eeds help in wars or any battle their allies could support them. However, if U.S. allies need help then America will help them as well. In World War I U.S joined as allies to supported Britain, France, and Russia in the fight. In addition, in World War II, Civil War etc… was supporting each other allies. Diplomacy is all about interactions between two or more countries that work together as a team.
American institutions are Political ideas, a good impact on economic, well education, the social life and the communication between nations; all of this institution was dominance from Ancient Greek time. According to ancient Greek institution helped American to be well organizing and well prepared to face any kind of problem. In the conclusion, Greek had the greater impact on American by showing the way, to lead the county by using the ancient Greek PECSD institution.

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